Friday, November 05, 2010

Another High End Bar Downtown?

I've seen the sign a few times over the last week, but Soapbox has the story on the new nightclub 'Scene'  on Walnut Street with a schedule opening this Winter.

Are we seeing a solidification of Downtown as the nightlife center of Cincinnati, or at least the high end scenester nightlife? We've had such a spread out entertainment spectrum in this town for a long time, with Mt. Adams, Covington, Northside, Main Street, Short Vine, Clifton Heights,Mt. Lookout, and Newport as the main sections of semi-consolidated entertainment districts. Main Street and Short Vine have taken a big downturn over the last 10 years. Main Street has seen an up-tick, but Short Vine has been dead for a while and shows not signs of life. Is Downtown hurting any of these other areas or is Downtown drawing new crowds from the suburbs/Exurbs?

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