Sunday, November 21, 2010

Capital Funds For Westwood Don't Get Protests?

So, Charlie Winburn is is proposing the City of Cincinnati spend capital funds to buy the Gamble House, located in Westwood. For the record I am personally very much in favor of doing this. I really have to wonder, however, where's the FOP protest? Where's COAST? Where is Westwood Concern complaining that a City Council member is spending money on something new, while cop layoffs loom? Where is Charlie Winburn protesting himself for additional spending? Where's Ghiz?

It is a really good question: Why don't you see Westwood Concern complaining about this? The answer is oh so clear, they are leading the effort to encourage the City to buy the Gamble House. Yes, that is correct. Westwood concern is in favor of using capital funds in their neighborhood, while not in favor of it in places where spending those capital dollars will actually produce economic development that will benefit the entire City and the region.

No, the hypocrisy is not surprising. $300,000 is good for at least 3 or 4 police officers, after all, but the cries for blood on someone's hands is missing here, for some reason...

I hope the City is able to buy the Gamble house and preserve the history it holds for Cincinnati, especially Westwood. It would be nice if Westwood Concern could avoid the hypocrisy.


  1. It's interesting how the Enquirer can perfectly articulate the difference between the capital and general fund in articles about the Gamble House, but become incredibly ignorant when writing a streetcar article. It's a fascinating situation, completely unbelievable, but none the less fascinating. Hypocrisy in print.

    Also, with COAST logic on costs who is to say this will not end up costing 10 million to purchase and restore, and another 2 million to operate per year. This would be in line with their estimates of 400 million to build the streetcar, and 10 million to operate it.

    Just want to add I am in favor of purchasing the Gamble House.

  2. Hypocrisy out the wazoo. Still, I would love to see the Gamble House restored but I really doubt an eminent domain solution is gonna fly. Given the reactionary nature of an effort of that sort, I think, at least, the city would be seen as acting in bad faith.
    and we wouldn't want Chucko's hands awash in blood.....


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