Monday, November 15, 2010

How Many Cops Could $1.8 Million Save?

The FOP (the police union) and COAST raised questions about projects the City has voted to fund, while allowing Police layoffs to be considered.  The only project I have heard them mention is the Streetcar.  They lie or just forget to mention that the money for the Streetcar can't legally be used for operating expenses (paying for police salaries), but they still use the Streetcar as a means to get the ignorant portion of the public angry and help them preserve FOP jobs.

What I am wondering is why are they not mentioning the $1,824,500.00 which was voted on by council back in June of 2010 to transfer funds for the purpose of paying for something that will be demolished because of the I-75 Expansion.  Why don't they include that project in their rhetoric?  That's $1.8 million dollars spent this year.  The ordinace passed unanimously, by the way.  Monzel, Ghiz, Winburn, all voted in favor of it.  None of three of them indicated that it would be legal to use these capital funds to pay for operating expenses.  I also didn't read a news article with questions asking why it is necessary for this amount to come from City funds when it is for rebuilding something that will be destroyed because of the highway improvement.

Yes, these are hypocrites and manipulators.  The FOP, COAST, Monzel, Ghiz, and Winburn all don't seem to care that is what they are doing.  If anyone is surprised by that, well, welcome to Conservative politics in Cincinnati.

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