Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bad Business Leaders and Bad Politicians

I am in no way surprised that the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce supported John Kasich for Governor. What I find horrible is that they don't appear know why they supported him at least not publicly. They don't now how he's going to do anything, but still voted for him:
Van der Horst and other Southwest Ohio business leaders aren’t concerned with a lack of specifics. They say they, too, have not yet determined specific program requests for the new administration.

What kind of business blindly makes a decision to do something without knowing the details of the deal they are making? Well either a foolish business or one that is lying about not knowing what the deal is. I think the Chamber knows full well what John Kasich is going to do. Kasich is going to do what ever the Chamber of Commerce wants, no matter how many more jobs it will cost Ohio. Watch for Corporate Tax breaks and other sweet deals to be made under the darkness of night in the coming years.

Way to Go Ohio

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