Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dear Steve Chabot: The Election Is Over

Someone needs to tell Steve Chabot that the election is over. He won. It is time for the winner to be gracious and stop using his political website to attack Democrats for daring to have internal caucus elections or actually hold views he doesn't agree with. It is a classless asshole that attacks Nancy Pelosi or the President at this point. This is the time when elected officials start preparing to take office. This isn't the time to play politics, this is the time to try and work together. It is called governing. It is what adults do. Chabot needs a time out. He needs to be classy. It is embarrassing for me as a resident of his district that he can't at least pretend to be magnanimous a week after the election. Steve Chabot clearly does not want to work with anyone who disagrees with him.

Chabot owes an apology to Nancy Pelosi. He owes the members of his district an even bigger apology for wasting the time he or his staff took to write the blog post linked above. I'd like to hear from Republicans giving me reasons how this tone is good for America, Ohio, or our Congressional District. I sure you can find a way to defend an asshole, but why would you do it?

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