Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dayton Has Cut 100 Cops Since 2001, Yet Crime Rate Still Falls

I am afraid that Charlie Winburn will call this the work of the Devil, but Dayton, Ohio has cut 100 police officers since 2001, but the crime rate still fell. Leslie Ghiz, every member of the FOP leadership, and all of Westwood Concern just shit a brick.

The world didn't end for Dayton with fewer police officers. Cincinnati will be fine with fewer cops.


  1. We have more murders so far this year than we had last year. A lot of crime isn't reported as well. Right now Cincy is having a difficult time moving forward. I think a lot of this is perspective, not to mention the bias of the media. I don't think layoffs are the answer.

  2. "Leslie Ghiz, every member of the FOP leadership, and all of Westwood Concern just shit a brick."

    If they even noticed. Fat chance the Enquirer will report on this.

  3. Crime in Cincinnati went up after we hired cops the Chief didn't request.
    Old post from The Cincinnati Libertarian
    "* how come nobody seems to question as to whether spending more money on police patrols will work?"

  4. You might want to provide a breakdown on the number of cops fired each year since 2001. The big differences are that Cincinnati is a bigger city than Dayton, more people, more landmass & Cincinnati's planning to dump 144 cops at the same time, rather than a few each year for X number of years.

    Murder is up, burglaries are up, thefts, gun assaults, robberies, are all up. And the West Side isn't the only community who has shit a brick. Just wait for the reality to sink in & the criminals up their game. Shitting a brick will be putting it mildly.

  5. Murders are up but the number of cops won't affect that.

    Very few police officers actually stop a crime from happening, and most of the murders are drug related or ignorant people skill issues.

  6. I beg to differ, Tony. I, a regular law abiding civil servant, was visiting someone downtown in OTR after a wine tasting.Unfortunately the guy lived across from Washington Park and I probably shouldn't have been there anyway... but alas I digress. As I was getting ready to leave a young thug stuck a gun in my face. As I drove away (I wasn't going to hand over anything to the POS), his gun malfunctioned and he only busted out the back window of my car. If it hadn't, I may have been killed. In addition, OTR is my first in running area. I provide advanced life support to the people who need it, or unfortunately tell the cops the victim is dead. Not all of the murders are reported to the media. I could name dozens that I have been to and the media hasn't shown up. Don't kid yourself.

  7. Ok, but how does more cops change what happened to you?

    I was mugged at 12th and main in broad daylight in front of people.

    I was attacked in front of taco bell on mcmillian (no longer there) and spent a week in the hospital.

    My car was broken into at least half a dozen times when I lived on Main St.

    Two friends of mine were robbed at gunpoint on Jackson St walking home.

    Having more or less cops would not have changed any of those scenarios.

  8. I was mostly referring to your sentiment about who are murdered. I'm not sure more cops would help, but perhaps you and your friends should move.


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