Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Fascists on the March

Having received his marching orders from Phil Burress, Peter Bronson has begun his campaign against WEBN. I have to wonder if we will hear ANYTHING from the WLW folks about this, or will they keep mum.

It is great to know that Bronson finds talking about sex horrible. Let me add a few terms surely to get him riled:

Penis, Penis Penis....VAGINA! Anal sex, girl on girl action, Hummer.

There, I have said about as bad a stuff as WEBN says. They don't swear on the air, or at least they don't say shit or fuck. I have to ask what is Bronson scared about WEBN doing? Giving teenage boys hard-ons by hearing a striper talk with a breathy voice is a bad thing? Hey Pete, get that stick out of your ass! Oh, wait, you like it there? What ever makes you feel good, just let the rest of us enjoy what we like too.

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