Sunday, June 18, 2006

World Cup Soccer

Zips is a great place to watch a World Cup Match. Interest in the games appears to be fairly high right now. If the USA makes it out of the first round, I would guess that "Football" fever might grow a bit. If the USA loses on Thursday, you can bet that the anti-soccer fools will come out bitching. After the finish complaining about how horrible Soccer is they'll go back to chatting about steroids, salary caps, trade deadlines, and general managers. They'll find little time to talk about the game, except whine about why their team isn't winning.

The reason so many ignorant people bad mouth soccer is the same reason most sports in America are ethically corrupt. The sport is gone. It is all about winning and being identified as a winner, even though your only contribution to the win is that you bought a ticket to the game or watch ESPN 24/7.

Play, watch, and explore the game, not the business of sports.

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