Friday, November 25, 2005

Hating the Nati

In today's letters to the editor we get this anti-city gem from an inner-suburb dolt:
Keep sheriff out of Over-the-Rhine

I do not feel it is fair to the outlying communities to have former Cincinnati councilmen acting as Hamilton County Commissioners to authorize paying a million and a half for police protection in the Over-the-Rhine. As far as we are concerned this is another way to use the taxing authority of Hamilton County to pay for the Cincinnati operating expenses.

Why not use the funds to assist the city of Norwood or other communities? If the sheriff is over-funded, he should return the money to the county.

Fred J. Benz
Fred is not alone. He has many friends who would be happy to leave the city out to fail. Fred might need a slight geography lesson. The City of Cincinnati is in Hamilton County. The city residents pay the same taxes he does. How often does a Sheriff patrol the City of Montgomery? Well, when I view the City of Montgomery's Police Department's web page, and on it they have a prominent link to the Hamilton County Sheriff's website, then I will conclude that the Sheriff does quite a bit of patrolling in Montgomery. Mr. Benz, I suggest you request your city to either increase their police force & stop using the Sheriff Department to supplement its budget or shut up.

Worst of all, the Sheriff is not patrolling OTR for other reasons completely, not that Mr. Benz noticed.

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