Monday, October 31, 2005

Chabot is Sick

Here is a mile high reason why anti-abortion fanatics like Steve Chabot are viewed, and rightfully so, as anti-women:
A bill pending in the House called the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act would require doctors to inform women who have an abortion after 20 weeks that the fetus she is aborting will feel pain and offer her the option to use anesthesia on the fetus.
First this horrible bill is a farce. It is nothing but a stunt, not something Chabot expects to be effective. If taken seriously it is designed to torment women. Create a false sense of guilt and make the doctor act as a tool of the insane right wing.

Abortion is about to become an issue again, and this is Chabot trying to get his nutty Westside base into a frenzy. As with the majority of most anti-abortionists, Chabot refuses to consider the best way to reduce the number of abortions: reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies by increasing the use of contraception. This is about religion to folks like Chabot, so he will not make the pill and condoms easily available to everyone. He also will not put money into finding new contraceptive tools that are better than the pill and condoms. Why would he not do this? Religion is the basis for his belief. It is not about "life," it is about sex and marriage, and the control of women. (I can hear the nutty conservatives typing their trite reactions from across town.)

With the expected nomination of a Conservative to the SCOTUS, the nut cases are about to come out of the woodwork again.

We Have a Write in Candidate For Mayor

Mr. E. Lanier Walker pointed out to me that he is the only write in candidate for Mayor of Cincinnati. He supports city wide WiFi.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Peter Bronson Has 'Issues'

The fact that Peter Bronson has issues will not shock anyone who regularly read this blog. I will respect the man a bit, however, and not get into the those issues today. Be forewarned that we could spend thousands of words on those issues, but today we won't. I am sure there is now much rejoicing amongst the "people."

What should also not be a shock to everyone, is that when Bronson bitches about the issues on the ballot next month, he does so with his typical myopic world view: its all about "the Bronson." Since Bronson can do it, you must be able to do it. Let's all sing along folks: "if its good enough fer Bronson, its good enough fer me." That view about the “the Bronson,” not be confused with “the Johnson,” is just a veiled viewpoint exposing that his party has a strangle hold on power in the state, and got it “legally”, so suck it, monkeys! The fact that the laws don’t make it fair, just don’t matter.

The ballot issues are not the way Bronson tries to sell them. Let's get things straight:

Issue One: Ok, this one is economic. The sides on it are fairly simple. Use the government to develop business and industry or not. Do it via state government bonds or not. That is a fairly straightforward philosophical choice. I will not begrudge Bronson's views on this, this has fair debate, except for the bible thumping thugs who fear finding the cure for cancer because every sperm is sacred, and dumping fertilized embryos in the trash can is ok, using them to help save lives is just evil! Savings Lives is Evil! (Sarcasm machine now off, for the moment) The fact that Bronson bashes Taft is just humorous. He does it with the Coin-gate scandal that Bronson should know, touches the President too.

Issue Two: Here is where Bronson wants to limit who votes. He wants to make it more difficult to vote, and he, again without surprise, misrepresents the issue:
It gives absentee voters a "do-over" provisional ballot, so they can vote twice.
False!!! The language of the issue clearly states that you can't vote twice:
An elector to whom a ballot has been mailed, but which has not been received by the issuing county board of elections prior to the election, may cast a provisional ballot on election day. If the elector's first ballot is received by the tenth day following the election, the provisional ballot shall not be counted. A ballot which is received by the issuing board by mail no later than the tenth day following the election shall be treated as timely cast if it contains a postmark not later than the day of the election.
The game Bronson is playing here is that he wants you to think the Democrats are making it so "their" voters get their vote counted twice. What does it matter if you cast a ballot twice? You don't get to vote twice and only one vote per person counts. This issue make things easier for the voter instead of easier for the powerful.

Issue Three: This issue is about equality, leveling the playing field. Elections are not about money, they are about voters, all the voters, not just the rich ones. Here Bronson wants to keep the powerful in charge. Corporations and fat cats are not who should be running the elections, and this makes it fair for everyone's fat cats and corporations, not just his side.

Issue Four: Oh, just fucking come on! How the hell can any honestly oppose this? Are people blind? Do they not see the gerrymandered district created to keep Steve Chabot in power? Why is the city of Cincinnati broken down the way it is between congressional districts? Why should be obvious: to elect more Republicans. That happens no matter who is in power, and California shows that. I support the efforts to pass a similar law in California championed by the GOP out there. It does cut both ways, but it cuts fairly. Why are Bronson and other GOPher's suddenly turned into a one party state crypto-communists? They should be getting hard-ons for this, it creates Competition. Competition is every capitalist's wet dream. Well, maybe not. Maybe monopolies are. I guess Russian style one party monopolies are the new vogue for movement Conservatives, and fundamentalist Christians alike. Who would have guessed?

Issue Five: Again, another Duh! How can you have a fair election if a partisan group controls the election? I guess if you gerrymander the districts so it is never close, then it doesn't matter when someone intimidates a voter with a cop car outside a polling station.

Bottom line, the election system in this state is grossly unfair. It is far too difficult to vote and have a chance to be elected. Why would anyone who believes in a democratic form of government oppose these issues?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shocking News! - Enquirer Picks Pepper

There's gambling going on at the Enquirer! Are they gambling on our future? Well, no, just the obvious has occurred: the Enquirer had endorsed David Pepper for Mayor. Something that you couldn't have missed every time the Black Fist was given ink-space in the paper.

The funny part about this is that unlike Jean Schmidt’s surprising GOP primary win which was helped by an Enquirer endorsement, this endorsement will not likely matter much. This is a close election, so one could argue that a few vital votes could change hands, but in the big picture, the average city voter doesn't care what the newspaper says, and they in fact might be slight more inclined to vote against who the Enquirer picks for Mayor. Out in Jean’s district, outside the city, the Newspaper still has credibility with many.

The editorial is very well articulated. I myself prefer Mallory for Mayor, but Pepper is not a bad choice, just not the best. I feel Pepper is more of a wonk, and detailed orientated. The city does not need more detail. The city needs a better image. I myself hate that idea. I much prefer to wallow in the details of what to do, instead of crafting PR image that springs a positive perception. That is however what the city needs. The city needs a voice, a leader out front to pull together the city and make people think things have changed are going to get better. Pepper will have a difficult time doing that. He doesn't inspire many. Mallory inspires. Mallory's voice would be heard beyond the city, beyond the suburbs, and beyond Ohio. Pepper is more of the same from council, and will be viewed by the rest of the region as more of the same. Perceptions of the city will not change under Pepper. He will not do a bad job. He will on paper likely do a very good job. Few will care. People will still see city as two things: intolerant and crime ridden. Those two perceptions are what is hurting the city. With Pepper in office, I don't see how they will change.

Friday, October 28, 2005


I think I almost like this column. Almost.

Miers Out

Miers has withdrawn her nomination for SCOTUS. This seems to be coming for weeks. Who would blink first was the only question.

This clearly shows Bush is now a weak President. He has caved in to part of his party.

A big nasty fight is coming. Bush is going to either appoint Gonzales to say F.U. to the right wing, or he will feel slighted and appoint the worst cave man judge out there, just to show he "ain't no chicken."

Who will get the nomination? Will there even be one this term?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stephanie Dunlap Leaving City Beat

In what came as a bit of a shock to me, City Beat reporter Stephanie Dunlap is leaving the paper. She is moving on to new things on her own terms. Nothing bad to report. She just wants to move on to something different. What that is, is yet to be determined.

I don't know who will replace her, which will be difficult. She is staying around town, and was just in a Play, and may be in more. Her last day at the Paper will be in November.

Good Luck to Stephanie!

513 Green PAC Endorsements

The 513 Green PAC supports candidates that support issues that are important to progressive, socially-conscious, responsible Cincinnatians. These issues include but are not limited to: open government, electoral reform, arts and cultural investment, appreciation of diversity, environmental protection, mass transportation, wireless internet proliferation, attracting and retaining the creative class and responsible development.

City Council

Christopher Smitherman - (Charterite,
Key endorsements include the AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club. Christopher has shown a willingness to take controversial positions on issues such as the Fountain Square Development and police community relations, as well as his sensitivity to environmental and GLBT concerns.

Nick Spencer (Charterite,
Key endorsements include the Equality PAC and the Cinergy PAC. Nick is a proponent of center city development and the creative class. He has also taken progressive stances on GLBT issues and remains a supporter of public transportation and electoral reform.

Laketa Cole (Democrat,
Key endorsements include the AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club. Laketa is an ardent supporter of environmental and homeownership issues. She was also heavily involved in the creation of the one-stop housing center.

Jim Tarbell (Charterite,
Key endorsements include the AFL-CIO and AFSCME. As a 3 time council member Tarbell has proven himself to be one of the strongest supporters of the arts community in Cincinnati. He also spearheaded the effort to revitalize Over-the-Rhine.

Samantha Herd (Democrat,
Key endorsements include the AFL-CIO and the Sierra Club. Samantha is widely recognized as one of the strongest voices for labor in this council race. Her proposed community jobs program is an innovative way to put Cincinnatians to work.

Damon Lynch, III (Democrat,
Key Endorsements include the Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus and the Sentinels Police Association. Not only does Damon have the endorsement of labor and police organizations, he is also focusing efforts on improving race-relations and living conditions in Over-the-Rhine.

We feel that of the remaining candidates, Mark Mallory is the best suited for the position of mayor.

1 Yes
2 Yes
3 Yes
4 Yes
5 Yes

8 No
9 No

To contact the 513 Green PAC please email

We are currently seeking volunteers to help distribute literature on election day.

For more information on the issues we support, visit and

This entry was made by Josh Nelson.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mallory Mistake and Biased Reporting

Mark Mallory made a mistake defending the "support" he got from the Black Fist. He should ignore the issue, let Pepper look like he is playing for Westside votes, and stay above the frey.

Putting yourself into the insignificant action of the Black Fist does two things that hurt Mallory and the City. First, they group is a hate group, spewing nothing but vile. They have no more value to society than the KKK. Second, any attention the Black Fist gets is more fuel to the campaign for division of the city. They seek separation. They more of a platform they get, the more fools who hear their message and buy into it. We don't give the KKK a platform for a reason. We should do the same for the Black Fist.

The bias on this issue comes from the Enquirer. This is not a real issue. This is a Pepper supporter's issue. The Editorial page, obviously biased in favor of Pepper in my opinion, asked about it during its interview for endorsements. How often do those interviews become news stories before the endorsements come out? This bias does not appear to be not the reporter’s “fault,” this lies on the Editors and the Editorial page. David Wells and crew passed this on to either Korte directly or to his editor. You get information, you print it. I would do the same

The question I ask is that did (or will) Korte get the same information from the Pepper meeting?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Hackett Set To Announce

Paul Hackett is reported to be officially announcing his candidacy for Senate today. This comes on the heels of Sherrod Brown changing his fund raising methods to a much more ambiguous means.

That change by Brown would follow suit with this Dispatch Story (Sub. Req.) which reports:
Rep. Sherrod Brown, D-Lorain, who had intended to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate this month, has delayed the official announcement until next month. Speculation is that he wants to see whether Issue 4 passes Nov. 8.

If it does, BrownÂ?s safe congressional district would be redrawn by an independent commission in time for the 2008 elections. If it fails, his seat would remain intact until 2012, all but guaranteeing that he would easily win re-election to the House rather than risk a challenging Sen. Mike DeWine next year.
On WVXU this morning it was reported that Hackett may even ask Brown to leave the race.

The pre-primary politics are in full swing. By year-end we should know if there will be a contested primary or not for the chance to face DeWine in 2006.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Coleman's Wife Arrested

Gubernatorial candidate and Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman (D) took a small hit after his wife was arrested on DUI charges in the Columbus area.

This is not going to be the issue to hurt Coleman. Ted Strickland’s appeal to the Southern Ohio Democrats, and thereby the moderate/conservative Ohio voters, will be the biggest issue facing Coleman.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fangman Should Resign

What gives with Keith Fangman being, well, his usual prickley self? I am no Smitherman fan, and I too am baffled by Smitherman's support for Kabaka Oba, but Fangman thinks he should resign?

When the hell is Ketih Fangman going to call on Councilman Sam Malone to resign? Smitherman is not facing a criminal trial. Malone is facing a criminal trial.

It is so very hard to see a law and order Republican who represents, well, the union of law and order arm of the local government, ignoring a fellow Republican's troubles with the law.

This is Keith Fangman, so I expect this type of Cunningham charade of equity. I am disgusted still when the drivel is put forth in the local media.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anti-Intellectual Bronson

OK, Bronson hates "intellectuals", and water is wet. I know, I know. You have heard this all before.

Just one point to either shatter or bullster Bronson's rant against the Intellectuals and the Ivy League:
She did not go to Harvard or Yale. She went to Southern Methodist University. So she's not a certifiable intellectual like, say, John Kerry, Karl Marx, Bill Moyers, Timothy Leary, Dr. Joseph Mengele, Margaret Sanger, both Clintons, 95 percent of college professors, the Unabomber, Gore "Lincoln was gay" Vidal, Osama (who would qualify on nearly any campus), Al Gore or Noam Chomsky, who has preached since 1969 about "de-Nazification" of America.
George Bush. Fucking both of the them when to Yale Peter!

And Osama? Come on Peter. You did not have courage to show up for the CinAd Debate, even when you accepted the invitation, and you make a really bile ridden joke about Osama bin Laden being welcomed as an intellectual at "nearly any campus?" I think Peter had better look up who has gone to Ivy League schools before he makes such a stupid joke.

Then he drags out Regan's corpse. I mean, if you want to drag out a dead president who hated Intellectuals, then Peter you have to dig up Dick Nixon. The guy was so anti-Ivy league he would have fire bombed them if their alumni didn't run every major business in the country.

It is funny that somehow Bronson bitches about Miers being nominated because she is not qualified, but bitches about Ivy League intellectuals. Dude, she went to SMU! How much more bible belt can you get out side of Liberty, or Bob Jones U?

Hackett, Attack-it

I have not yet picked up Mother Jones, yet but they have an article on Paul Hackett in the latest issue. Hackett is running to oust Mike DeWine. Any thoughts on the article? I have heard some grumblings on Hackett in the comments. Could that be from some primary foes?

Theater Heroes

Get out and see They Will Be Heroes, a new play that premiered at the Mockbee last night. It runs through Saturday the 22nd. I saw the production and very much enjoyed the intense dialogue and the drops of humor sprinkled heavily over this cutting edge production from Cincinnati Experimental Arts and the Blue Forms Group from Columbus.

The show is an original play, created as a collaboration of the actors, director, and production team. It focuses on life for Generation X. As a card-carrying member of that generation, I could relate intently to the play. Additionally I was able to relate well to the performance, in part because I know all of the actors and see the personal way they approached much of their performance, but more importantly because of the energy and vibrancy that was enthralling on the endangered Mockbee stage (The Mockbee is closing at the end of the month). The overall style of the play is very much a Blue Forms flavor, but the tone was very Cincinnati.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

You know.....Ah, nevermind. Rant on, brothers and sisters, make today a day of great platitudes and cliches fit for a King.

In other words... Open Thread!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Endorsements are Out

Mallory got several more. What I have to point out is that both the Black Firefighters and the Appalachian Group lose much credibility in my mind when they endorsed Sam Malone for City Council. Malone is still awaiting trial for allegedly physically abusing his son. That is not the kind of thing you want hanging over a candidate you endorse. This is the kind of reason you drop the man as a candidate altogether, which many Republicans would have preferred. Why did these two groups do it? That is a mystery to me. I am sure someone out there has an answer.

The fact that the Cincinnati Right to Life PAC endorsed Malone is not a surprise. They fit the stereotype of caring more about children before they are born, than after.

Murder Rate Up

The murder rate is up over 2004 this year, and we have a ways to go. We are still under 2003, but it looks like we will pass that rate.

For the record, odds are very high that you are not going to be killed if you go downtown or to OTR, unless you go there to buy or sell drugs.