Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shocking News! - Enquirer Picks Pepper

There's gambling going on at the Enquirer! Are they gambling on our future? Well, no, just the obvious has occurred: the Enquirer had endorsed David Pepper for Mayor. Something that you couldn't have missed every time the Black Fist was given ink-space in the paper.

The funny part about this is that unlike Jean Schmidt’s surprising GOP primary win which was helped by an Enquirer endorsement, this endorsement will not likely matter much. This is a close election, so one could argue that a few vital votes could change hands, but in the big picture, the average city voter doesn't care what the newspaper says, and they in fact might be slight more inclined to vote against who the Enquirer picks for Mayor. Out in Jean’s district, outside the city, the Newspaper still has credibility with many.

The editorial is very well articulated. I myself prefer Mallory for Mayor, but Pepper is not a bad choice, just not the best. I feel Pepper is more of a wonk, and detailed orientated. The city does not need more detail. The city needs a better image. I myself hate that idea. I much prefer to wallow in the details of what to do, instead of crafting PR image that springs a positive perception. That is however what the city needs. The city needs a voice, a leader out front to pull together the city and make people think things have changed are going to get better. Pepper will have a difficult time doing that. He doesn't inspire many. Mallory inspires. Mallory's voice would be heard beyond the city, beyond the suburbs, and beyond Ohio. Pepper is more of the same from council, and will be viewed by the rest of the region as more of the same. Perceptions of the city will not change under Pepper. He will not do a bad job. He will on paper likely do a very good job. Few will care. People will still see city as two things: intolerant and crime ridden. Those two perceptions are what is hurting the city. With Pepper in office, I don't see how they will change.

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