Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cincinnati Advance Debate

Greg Korte has the review of the details. I, as a member of the main sponsor, will focus instead on praising everyone who helped put on a great debate. I will single out Barry Gee for his great work, along with Joe Wessels for the radio broadcast, Nick Spenser and everyone at alchemize for their help with the venue, Regina Russo for moderating, and Tiana Rollinson & Michael Altman for being panelists.

From CinAd I wish to single out and thank Sandy for organizing the reception, Steve for being the timekeeper during the debate, and Christa and Bridget for helping out behind the scenes. I may have missed someone, if I did, thanks to you too!!!

On the lighter political side, I introduced myself to Nate Livingston, who was out front passing out Anti-Pepper handouts, interesting. I was very disappointed though in Peter Bronson. We sent him a specific invite, and he RSVP’d that he would attend, but he did not show up. I have never met Peter, and actually was looking forward to meeting him. Maybe next time.

Well, if you were at the debate, sound off on whom you think won. I was not able to see all of it, I was doing a few things behind the scenes, and as I said before I want to say out of talking about my views on this particular debate, so don’t look for my analysis.

I was so very pleased to have both candidates at an event CinAd sponsored. I hope everyone who attended had a great time and I hope they learned something about both candidates.

UPDATE: More from Korte's Blog.

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