Friday, October 14, 2005

Cincinnati Advance Radio Is On The Air!

Joe Wessels is back on WAIF today 10AM to 11AM with the premier of Cincinnati Advance Radio. Joe is teaming up with Cincinnati Advance to give Cincinnati a great radio program with local, state and national guests discussing the headlines and local happenings effecting you.

This weeks lineup:
This week we welcome former Cincinnati mayors Roxanne Qualls and David Mann. They will be on to discuss what they think it takes to be Cincinnati's Mayor.

We'll also welcome Leslie Isaiah Gaines. The defense attorney and former judge has released an updated version of his 1994 hit "Shake 'n Blake" about the Cincinnati Bengals with the newer "Shake 'n Quake." Gaines says the Bengals are going all the way. With Sunday's loss, we'll see if he's singing a different tune.

To listen live online check out WAIF's website. Archives of Joe's shows will be online in the future.

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