Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mallory Mistake and Biased Reporting

Mark Mallory made a mistake defending the "support" he got from the Black Fist. He should ignore the issue, let Pepper look like he is playing for Westside votes, and stay above the frey.

Putting yourself into the insignificant action of the Black Fist does two things that hurt Mallory and the City. First, they group is a hate group, spewing nothing but vile. They have no more value to society than the KKK. Second, any attention the Black Fist gets is more fuel to the campaign for division of the city. They seek separation. They more of a platform they get, the more fools who hear their message and buy into it. We don't give the KKK a platform for a reason. We should do the same for the Black Fist.

The bias on this issue comes from the Enquirer. This is not a real issue. This is a Pepper supporter's issue. The Editorial page, obviously biased in favor of Pepper in my opinion, asked about it during its interview for endorsements. How often do those interviews become news stories before the endorsements come out? This bias does not appear to be not the reporter’s “fault,” this lies on the Editors and the Editorial page. David Wells and crew passed this on to either Korte directly or to his editor. You get information, you print it. I would do the same

The question I ask is that did (or will) Korte get the same information from the Pepper meeting?


  1. Mallory did not defend his endorsement by the Black Fist.

    Mallory stated, that he does not agree with statements and some actions of the group, but said thay like all people have the right to be heard. If he can bring them to the table instead of having them vent at City Hall or Public events to get to the root of why they are angry, and can find some common ground between and other fringe groups with average citizens, then maybe we can solve the problems that exist, close the racial gap which clearly exist, and move this city forward.

    Mallory will not denounce the group, but has made it clear that as taxpaying citizens and in an effort to move this city forward...why antagonize these groups by ignoring them when you may be able to solve the problem by working with these groups.

  2. David Pepper in an effort to pull his campaign out the gutter, dug his campaign into the gutter deeper by pulling the Black Fist.

    The Black Fist is not a significant factor in this Mayor's race much like Westwood Concern (Pepper's version of the Black Fist)is also not a significant factor.

    Pepper should have stuck to the issues. In beating the Black Fist dead horse, Pepper has actually turned people against him with the fact that to him the Black Fist was more important than answering questions from the citizens about things that were important to them.

    Mallory has taken the high road on not calling Pepper to the carpet regarding a few of his endorsements and supporters and sticking to the issues.

    Pepper pulling the Black Fist card showed lack of character, lack of Judgement, and lack of confidence, his ability to beat Mallory on the issues.

    In whole Pepper lacks what it takes to be Mayor.

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  4. I am having trouble with the concept "antagonize by ignoring." The Black Fist is not simply a special interest. It is an unredeemably and vehemently racist group of complete knuckleheads. The last thing they need is to be listened to or worked with.

    It was Mallory himself who broached the issue by bragging about the Black Fist endorsement on his website. Pepper merely called him out. Mallory still brags about the Black Fist endorsement on his website today. This despite his recent press release stating: "I want to be absolutely clear: I do not condone hatred of any kind, and I do not support those who preach hatred." He is exploiting the semantic difference between supporting and being-supported-by. Not slick.

    Mallory is incredibly vulnerable on this issue no matter what Pepper does or stands for because it is Mallory who is running as the Great Uniter.

    Don't blame the Enquirer just because they have their act together and you're just a hobby blogger. The apologist blogosphere of Jason Haap and Hate Livingston have kept this issue alive.

    All mallory has to do is quietly remove the Black Fist refernce from his blog and we could put this behind us. That he refuses to do so suggests duplicitous pandering to a constituency too shameful to claim in the light of day.


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