Sunday, October 09, 2005

Kabaka Oba Jailed On Intimidation Charges

Michael Bailey, better known as Kabaka Oba of the Black Fist is behind bars having been charged with intimidation of a victim in a criminal case.

The case in question is one where Oba (Bailey) was charged with aggravated menacing. In the latest charge, Oba is alleged to have intimidated the same person he is alleged to have been menacing. The original case has a compliant filed which states that Oba threatened to Kill the victim and showed the victim a handgun.

Oba was previously acquitted on an aggravated menacing charge in 2003.

Sidenote: Oba first name "Kabaka" is inconsistently spelled. Sometimes it is spelled differently in the same court document where it is listed as "Kabaca." Based on Nate's Blog I am going with the "K".

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