Friday, October 21, 2005

Fangman Should Resign

What gives with Keith Fangman being, well, his usual prickley self? I am no Smitherman fan, and I too am baffled by Smitherman's support for Kabaka Oba, but Fangman thinks he should resign?

When the hell is Ketih Fangman going to call on Councilman Sam Malone to resign? Smitherman is not facing a criminal trial. Malone is facing a criminal trial.

It is so very hard to see a law and order Republican who represents, well, the union of law and order arm of the local government, ignoring a fellow Republican's troubles with the law.

This is Keith Fangman, so I expect this type of Cunningham charade of equity. I am disgusted still when the drivel is put forth in the local media.


  1. Why is Smitherman being crucified for letting the court know that Kabaka was at a political Forum and it was impossible for him to be in the West End Oct. 6 at 6:35 pm as he was at The Verdin Bell event Center at a candidates forum.

    At 6:45 pm Jim Tarbell and 2 Pendleton residents were speaking to Kabaka.

    I don't call the Councilman being present at the hearing support, I call it doing the right thing.

    If being Present at the hearing is a case for showing support for Kabaka, Then Bernadette Watson from the Mayor's Office (His Chief of Satff)must be supporting him too, as she was also at the hearing.

    Why is Fangmen not calling for David Pepper's resignation since this past Tuesday at the Urban League Pepper supported Oba in the exeact same way Councilman Smitherman did by telling voters that Mr. Oba was indeed at the Candidates forum.

    Where are the communities screaming outrage for Pepper doing the same thing as Councilman Smitherman...doing what the rest of the candidates should have done when an injustice had been done.

    Unless Fangman is running for some political office, he sould go back to solving crime as that what tax payers pay him for.

    P.S. Fangman should be fired for lying...if you read the Judges statements from the Enquirer article about Mr. Oba's indictment, you see Mr. Fangman's version contradicts the Judges version of the so-called Smitherman intimindation of the Judge.

  2. Excuse the typing errors above as I am so damn mad about this nonsense.

    How long are taxpayers supposed to take this crap from the Keith Fangmans of Cincinnati.

  3. I thought public employees, other than elected officials, were prohibited against partisan political activity.

  4. Why is what Keith Fangman says news? Should anyone really be listening to a known racist who sat by while his good friend Lt. Jeffrey Butler said DOPER.I don't think so.

    Keith Fangman, the Enquirer, and Cunningham are all working together to keep the status quo going.

    It is nice to know that they all care so much about Smitherman to spend so much time on him.

  5. Resign my ass, he should be fired.

    As a Citizen and a Taxpayer in Cincinnati, I am appalled that my tax dollars go to pay the salary of a horrible man like Fangman.

    I pay him to honor his oathe of "Protect & Serve", not give participate in silly and destructive radio antics.

    The local media should never have printed Fangmans request for anybody to resign from council.

    Somewhere, given what we know about the Police overtime audit, the taxpayers should be demanding resignations...From the CPD, and the officers directly involved.

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