Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pepper vs. Mallory

Things got a little bit testy last night. Pepper did at least two things wrong. First, he boosted the importance of the "Black Fist" by saying their opinion matters too anyone outside of the three members of the group. Second, he got petty and got negative. Endorsements are not substantial political issues. Actions matter, who is listed on your website is not.

I can feel Pepper's desperation like a fog in a river valley. It is as if he is reaching for anything to hit Mallory with: a stuffed animal, a feather, anything. He is starting to signal a massive move to the right. I would guess he would ride the crime issue all the way into November, but say little about how he would change what exists. What exists is his membership on the governing body of the City that has the perceived extreme problems on crime.

I don't know how much these debates change anyone's opinions. Those attending may form an opinion, so I guess more people need to attend or listen to the debates. Stay tuned to WAIF-FM 88.3. Cincinnati Advance will have their debate covered and covered in a big way.

UPDATE: Well, I was extra rushed today and bit out of it, so my bad typing and lack of proof reading was bad.

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