Monday, October 24, 2005

Hackett Set To Announce

Paul Hackett is reported to be officially announcing his candidacy for Senate today. This comes on the heels of Sherrod Brown changing his fund raising methods to a much more ambiguous means.

That change by Brown would follow suit with this Dispatch Story (Sub. Req.) which reports:
Rep. Sherrod Brown, D-Lorain, who had intended to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate this month, has delayed the official announcement until next month. Speculation is that he wants to see whether Issue 4 passes Nov. 8.

If it does, BrownÂ?s safe congressional district would be redrawn by an independent commission in time for the 2008 elections. If it fails, his seat would remain intact until 2012, all but guaranteeing that he would easily win re-election to the House rather than risk a challenging Sen. Mike DeWine next year.
On WVXU this morning it was reported that Hackett may even ask Brown to leave the race.

The pre-primary politics are in full swing. By year-end we should know if there will be a contested primary or not for the chance to face DeWine in 2006.

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