Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kabaka Oba Indicted

Ok, Black activist Oba has been indicted. Why do read this?
Police arrested Oba, a bus driver for Queen City Metro, on Oct. 7 as he completed his route. Police said he didn't ask for a lawyer - but did ask for them to call Smitherman.

"That's what he said - have them call Smitherman. And he rattled off a phone number," said Lt. Jack Kraft.

Smitherman, who did not return several phone calls seeking comment, showed up last week at Oba's first court appearance - where Smitherman confronted Municipal Court Judge Kendal Coes in the hallway.

Coes said Smitherman walked up to him and said he was there to support Oba, but did not explicitly ask the judge for any favors.
Why is Councilman Chris Smitherman trying to do anything for Oba?


  1. Maybe he called on the Councilman, because he knew he would stand up and do the right thing, by telling the Judge where Kabaka was on the evening of the 6th.

    Funny how the accusations made against Kabaka actually put him in two places at the same time. At the time he was supposedly out threatening Gobel Jr., the following people are privy to know that his arrest is a false arrest as these are the people he was with: David Pepper, Mark Mallory, Laketa Cole (Council Candidate)and Her aide, Bill Barron (Council Candidate), Jeff Berding (Council Candidate), Leslie Ghiz (Council Candidate), Christopher Smitherman (Council Candidate) and his aide, Jim Tarbell (Council Candidate), Curtis Wells (Council Candidate), Ishaq Nadir (Council Candidate), Samantha Heard (Council Candidate), William Kirkland, Marvin Butts-Business Owner,, Tabatha Anderson - Business Owners, Joy Rolland, Laurie Quinlivan from the Channel 9 I-Team and her camera man who video taped Kabaka shaking hands with several of the candidates who attened the Candidates Forum, which was held at the Bell Event Center of the Verdin Company in Pendleton.

    I can not wait for the truth about Kabak's arrest to come out.

  2. Poor Kabaka! I can sympathize, after living in Cincinnati for 22 years I finally got the message last year and moved to California...probably just in the nick of time too, because Deters, Allen and the Fat Old Police had fabricated charges against me too. Three times in four years I had to hire attorneys, post bond, miss work and be stressed out. They must have thought I was really dangerous because I was approached by every undercover cop, RENU agent, DEA and FBI agent in SW Ohio. They even did a walk through search of my house!
    My real crime was criticizing Cincinnati for racism, cronyism, corruption and calling for higher standards (education and professionalism) for the police. I just didn't understand that politicians and bureaucrats in Cincinnati can't be criticized without mounting a vendetta against you. I did beat 'em in court every time, mainly because of my attorney (and the fact that policemen just can't seem to keep their lies straight) but I knew that eventually they would make something stick or get a believable lie. So I ran save my marriage, to save my health...and to just stop beating my head against the wall.
    I'm not originally from Cincinnati so leaving was easy. What is so great about Cincinnati anyway? Whatever glory it had in the past has been obliterated by the fascist-minded people who have been in charge for 40 years! And that is where Cincinnati stands...stuck in the 60's, spinning it's wheels waiting for the 1964 Voters Act to take effect. Cincinnati is a plantation town run by the relatives of the rich and famous. It is a breeding ground for the likes of Ken Blackwell. They are annoyed by people who want justice, competency, accountability and transparency in government...and they just won't allow themselves to be any means necessary.
    Remember Buddy Gray...they killed him. Remember Stanley Broadnax...they approached him with a gay hooker. Remember Kabaka Oba...they had some punk lie about a gun. Another one bites the dust in Cincinnati. R.I.P. Kabaka.


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