Saturday, October 08, 2005

The "Welcoming" City of Mason

There are many things that came to mind when I read of the story of the bar with the "For Service Speak English" sign in the window. This is bigotry. I am sure people will bemoan me for harping on the suburbs yet again, but come on, this is just pathetic.

This is hate. No matter how much back peddling the owner is doing now, his intention was to keep his bar void of Latinos. That is illegal. Now, there could be a fine line where he will tolerate those Latinos who speak English, which I think is how he is trying to play this, and that may be where he can skirt the law. It is wrong, but the legal status is different.

I can just picture the temperament of the bar's regular customers from this:
Jim Freeze, a regular patron, said "it's the damn liberals" that are trying to infringe on Ullum's free speech.
The only thing eluding me is the verbal inflection used by Mr. Freeze. Was it uttered in a grumble or in more of a northern country twang? Or by chance was it just an Austrian accent?

When I am attacked for this post, which I will be, I have to ask people an honest question. Are the Mr. Ullum’s and Mr. Freeze the exception or the norm for the people of Mason and Warren County? I hope they are not a majority, but I think any honest answer of those living in Mason or anywhere else is that these men are not just apparitions. They are at a minimum a representation of the views of a very significant portion of the people living in Mason and Warren County. Call it veiled hate or tempered bigotry, but just call it wrong. They don’t see what they do as being wrong, but it is wrong, and the manner in which places like Mason are becoming locations were conformity and uniformity are not just desired but required, it foretells of troubled times.

UPDATE: More on this from the Enquirer's Editorial Page. What they have that is most interesting is that the complaint on the sign came offically from a Mt. Auburn group. Mt. Aburn in in the city.

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