Tuesday, October 18, 2005


CYA baby! That is what I hear Tom Ullum telling Peter Bronson. The issue that bugs me about this case that is lost on Conservatives is not the legality. I don't want the guy locked up. I support the ruling of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, but I am willing to listen and respect the free-speech debate. The issue of concern to me is not Free Speech. The issue is a bar and a community that thinks this bar owner’s actions as "no big deal."

This is bigotry. This is a man publicly attaching a group of people. His intent, as I have said before, MAY have been a joke, but that is the CYA afterthought talking. Would it be a joke if I owned a bar and put a sign in the window that said "No Service for Christians?" Would anyone who wrongly attacks me whenever I comment on religion take it as a joke? Hell no, I would be attacked, protested, threatened, and likely put out of business by any community in the area (city or burbs).

Here Mr. Ullum gets a pat on the back from Mr. Sensitive, Peter Bronson, and likely is feeling good right now. He is being supported. His bigotry is being rewarded. That shows how much people like Bronson are in denial. They grasp at free speech/joke red herrings, but don't address the underlying problems facing immigrants. How can people fit in to a society if they are told, in so many words, "you are not welcome here?"

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