Sunday, October 30, 2005

Peter Bronson Has 'Issues'

The fact that Peter Bronson has issues will not shock anyone who regularly read this blog. I will respect the man a bit, however, and not get into the those issues today. Be forewarned that we could spend thousands of words on those issues, but today we won't. I am sure there is now much rejoicing amongst the "people."

What should also not be a shock to everyone, is that when Bronson bitches about the issues on the ballot next month, he does so with his typical myopic world view: its all about "the Bronson." Since Bronson can do it, you must be able to do it. Let's all sing along folks: "if its good enough fer Bronson, its good enough fer me." That view about the “the Bronson,” not be confused with “the Johnson,” is just a veiled viewpoint exposing that his party has a strangle hold on power in the state, and got it “legally”, so suck it, monkeys! The fact that the laws don’t make it fair, just don’t matter.

The ballot issues are not the way Bronson tries to sell them. Let's get things straight:

Issue One: Ok, this one is economic. The sides on it are fairly simple. Use the government to develop business and industry or not. Do it via state government bonds or not. That is a fairly straightforward philosophical choice. I will not begrudge Bronson's views on this, this has fair debate, except for the bible thumping thugs who fear finding the cure for cancer because every sperm is sacred, and dumping fertilized embryos in the trash can is ok, using them to help save lives is just evil! Savings Lives is Evil! (Sarcasm machine now off, for the moment) The fact that Bronson bashes Taft is just humorous. He does it with the Coin-gate scandal that Bronson should know, touches the President too.

Issue Two: Here is where Bronson wants to limit who votes. He wants to make it more difficult to vote, and he, again without surprise, misrepresents the issue:
It gives absentee voters a "do-over" provisional ballot, so they can vote twice.
False!!! The language of the issue clearly states that you can't vote twice:
An elector to whom a ballot has been mailed, but which has not been received by the issuing county board of elections prior to the election, may cast a provisional ballot on election day. If the elector's first ballot is received by the tenth day following the election, the provisional ballot shall not be counted. A ballot which is received by the issuing board by mail no later than the tenth day following the election shall be treated as timely cast if it contains a postmark not later than the day of the election.
The game Bronson is playing here is that he wants you to think the Democrats are making it so "their" voters get their vote counted twice. What does it matter if you cast a ballot twice? You don't get to vote twice and only one vote per person counts. This issue make things easier for the voter instead of easier for the powerful.

Issue Three: This issue is about equality, leveling the playing field. Elections are not about money, they are about voters, all the voters, not just the rich ones. Here Bronson wants to keep the powerful in charge. Corporations and fat cats are not who should be running the elections, and this makes it fair for everyone's fat cats and corporations, not just his side.

Issue Four: Oh, just fucking come on! How the hell can any honestly oppose this? Are people blind? Do they not see the gerrymandered district created to keep Steve Chabot in power? Why is the city of Cincinnati broken down the way it is between congressional districts? Why should be obvious: to elect more Republicans. That happens no matter who is in power, and California shows that. I support the efforts to pass a similar law in California championed by the GOP out there. It does cut both ways, but it cuts fairly. Why are Bronson and other GOPher's suddenly turned into a one party state crypto-communists? They should be getting hard-ons for this, it creates Competition. Competition is every capitalist's wet dream. Well, maybe not. Maybe monopolies are. I guess Russian style one party monopolies are the new vogue for movement Conservatives, and fundamentalist Christians alike. Who would have guessed?

Issue Five: Again, another Duh! How can you have a fair election if a partisan group controls the election? I guess if you gerrymander the districts so it is never close, then it doesn't matter when someone intimidates a voter with a cop car outside a polling station.

Bottom line, the election system in this state is grossly unfair. It is far too difficult to vote and have a chance to be elected. Why would anyone who believes in a democratic form of government oppose these issues?

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