Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bronson Takes Sides

I don't think Bronson cares who wins the Mayor Race. His man, Nutty Charlie Winburn, lost big. This column suggests that Bronson is leaning towards Pepper. The column for some reason brings another TV show into a political column. I really must suggest to Peter, who I may meet at next Week's CinAd Debate, that he needs to start getting out a little more. He is watching way too much TV. It seems he attacks a TV show every week because they don't portray something, twice recently women, that don't act they way he wants or think they should act. Leave television shows out of it.

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  1. In the 6 October 2005 issue of the Cincinnati Enquirer resident sour puss and rabid racist Peter Bronson, an Enquirer op-ed columnis, has penned a column “Mallory should tell the Black Fist to pound sand” (C15) supporting and endorsing the mayoral efforts of David Pepper.

    Bronson and others of his ilk have only one desire: to retain the status quo; thereby, ensuring a continuation of the “good old boy” system. If the fear thoughts occupying the minds of Bronson and those like him could be seen a better understanding of irrational hatred and meanness could be had.

    Bronson writes from an extremely limited perspective. He is a white man. By virtue of his skin color and gender, he is privileged. He is automatically entitled to opportunities, employment, status, decent housing, among other things, that are daily and routinely denied to people who don’t look like him.

    Bronson is incapable of understanding the pent-up frustration and rage exhibited by members of the Black Fist. If he knew that many others, who have not officially affiliated with the Black Fist, hold the same feelings, he would probably insist that the police hire thousands of additional officers, that the Federal government send in an occupying army, and that all paramilitary persons are stationed in neighborhoods of color.

    In the days ahead of us there will be even more intense bitterness and possibly civil disruption. The old order is being exposed for what it is: scared (usually old) white men, without a vision or plan, desperately trying to keep things as they have been.

    Just as they had no vision or plan in the wake of the natural disasters recently visited upon America, they have no vision or plan to make Cincinnati, or America for that matter, really inclusive.


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