Monday, October 10, 2005

Blackwell, Strickland Lead Polls

Buried in this local news briefs page, the Enquirer reports on the Dispatch poll listing Blackwell ahead in the GOP nomination with 32%. Petro had 18% and Montgomery had 16%. That is a big lead for Blackwell. That is bad news for the GOP and for the state. The last two GOP governors to win were not right wingers. Ohio is not a right wing state. The fire breathing will not win.

For the Dems Strickland leads Coleman 22% to 19%, with Flannery at only 4%. This race is going to be a tight one. I don't know who I like better. I have not had a chance to hear both of the leading two speak. I guess I would prefer both running for statewide offices, instead of against each other.

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  1. Vote for Pedro!

    Err I mean Petro!

    Man, he could definitely win some votes with the younger crowd if he played it right


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