Monday, October 03, 2005

Cincy Blogging & Politics

The local mainstream press is giving blogs a little attention today, but instead of discussion more about what we post on, this is more about the efforts of the Bush Administration to limit Free Speech. So this is an article about political blogging. Talk Radio is allowed to attack every Democrat out there, yet no one in the Bush administration lifts a finger. A few Dem bloggers raised a little bit of money for candidates by having a few links on their site, and WOW we have a federal case.

Leave blogs alone. We are the embodiment of Freedom of the Press for the 21st Century. You don't need a corporation or a license to be protected both under Freedom of the Press and Speech clauses of the 1st Amendment. I for one will not be changing anything that I do. I can saw that because on a local level I generally try to cover everyone. I don't do it fairly. I am a liberal and I favor liberals. I can be fair. I am far more fair to local Republicans than WLW is to Democrats. That may have to do with their willingness to bash or just ignore the City of Cincinnati. I respect most Republicans running for City Council in at least as much as I am convinced they support and like the city. They want to succeed. I think many or even most Republicans outside the City would rather see it fail, and come in and scoop up the power for themselves 10 years from now. This is why I believe Metro Government is making a push in Republican circles around here, not Democratic circles.

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