Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More Endorsements are Out

Mallory got several more. What I have to point out is that both the Black Firefighters and the Appalachian Group lose much credibility in my mind when they endorsed Sam Malone for City Council. Malone is still awaiting trial for allegedly physically abusing his son. That is not the kind of thing you want hanging over a candidate you endorse. This is the kind of reason you drop the man as a candidate altogether, which many Republicans would have preferred. Why did these two groups do it? That is a mystery to me. I am sure someone out there has an answer.

The fact that the Cincinnati Right to Life PAC endorsed Malone is not a surprise. They fit the stereotype of caring more about children before they are born, than after.


  1. The other thing that you may not want hanging over a candidate is associations with indicted pedophiles (Wendell Walker endorses and worked on Pepper campaign)who's actions have not been denounced by a candidate for Mayor, David Pepper.

    So I guess Pepper endorsers also lose credibility.

  2. Directly after the Berry, Jr./Coes face off at The Urban League last night and just before Cincinnati Residents handed David Pepper his ass, not on a silver platter, but in a brown bag, David Pepper stated that on 10-6-05 Kabaka Oba was indedd at a candidates forum at the Bell Event Center In Pendleton.

    He is the fourth person from the event to disclose this information to the public.

    The group stated to Mr. Pepper that he was rude, arrogant and direspectful.

    "How dare a public servant, be arrogant enough to pick and choose who they will listen to."


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