Thursday, October 20, 2005

Theater Heroes

Get out and see They Will Be Heroes, a new play that premiered at the Mockbee last night. It runs through Saturday the 22nd. I saw the production and very much enjoyed the intense dialogue and the drops of humor sprinkled heavily over this cutting edge production from Cincinnati Experimental Arts and the Blue Forms Group from Columbus.

The show is an original play, created as a collaboration of the actors, director, and production team. It focuses on life for Generation X. As a card-carrying member of that generation, I could relate intently to the play. Additionally I was able to relate well to the performance, in part because I know all of the actors and see the personal way they approached much of their performance, but more importantly because of the energy and vibrancy that was enthralling on the endangered Mockbee stage (The Mockbee is closing at the end of the month). The overall style of the play is very much a Blue Forms flavor, but the tone was very Cincinnati.

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