Thursday, October 20, 2005

Anti-Intellectual Bronson

OK, Bronson hates "intellectuals", and water is wet. I know, I know. You have heard this all before.

Just one point to either shatter or bullster Bronson's rant against the Intellectuals and the Ivy League:
She did not go to Harvard or Yale. She went to Southern Methodist University. So she's not a certifiable intellectual like, say, John Kerry, Karl Marx, Bill Moyers, Timothy Leary, Dr. Joseph Mengele, Margaret Sanger, both Clintons, 95 percent of college professors, the Unabomber, Gore "Lincoln was gay" Vidal, Osama (who would qualify on nearly any campus), Al Gore or Noam Chomsky, who has preached since 1969 about "de-Nazification" of America.
George Bush. Fucking both of the them when to Yale Peter!

And Osama? Come on Peter. You did not have courage to show up for the CinAd Debate, even when you accepted the invitation, and you make a really bile ridden joke about Osama bin Laden being welcomed as an intellectual at "nearly any campus?" I think Peter had better look up who has gone to Ivy League schools before he makes such a stupid joke.

Then he drags out Regan's corpse. I mean, if you want to drag out a dead president who hated Intellectuals, then Peter you have to dig up Dick Nixon. The guy was so anti-Ivy league he would have fire bombed them if their alumni didn't run every major business in the country.

It is funny that somehow Bronson bitches about Miers being nominated because she is not qualified, but bitches about Ivy League intellectuals. Dude, she went to SMU! How much more bible belt can you get out side of Liberty, or Bob Jones U?

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