Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nick Spencer Interviews Dan Lienert

Nick Spencer has an interview with Dan Lienert the Forbes reporter who wrote a hatchet job on single life in Cincinnati. Lienernt's answers I think prove most of the negative commentary on his article correct:
  1. He did not do much relevant prep work on Cincinnati.
  2. He is comparing Cincinnati with the likes of cities 2 to 10 times larger and expects Cincinnati to be similar.
  3. He did a half ass job trying to find anything here.
  4. He must have been paid off by the West Chester Chamber of Commerce or Peter Bronson.
It felt like this guy was sent here to fulfill his preconceived notion of Cincinnati and his existing bias lead him to find what he wanted to find.  A little more effort and he would have find that life here for singles is not great, but not the crap hole he paints it to be.  Lienart is a poster child for a horrid 'nationalized' media, a type of Wal-Mart Media where local news, culture, and society are ignored or belittled.
If Mr. Lienert is met with pitchforks and torches the next time he comes to town, I hope he is not shocked.

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