Sunday, July 18, 2004

Well Meaning, But Doing Harm

It is difficult to for me to criticism and old woman, but based on what she wrote in the Cincinnati Enquirer I must.  This paragraph in particular:
Do you remember the terrorist attacks on our land in 2001? These aggressors are busy all over the world right now, attacking and destroying millions of innocent people. Until they and those of their mentality can be brought down, no one will be safe to live in peace. At this time, "universal peace" is only a dream of uninformed dreamers.
What Mrs. Frisch fails to grasp is that the Muslims of the world are not out to rule the world, at least no more than the fundamentalist Christians.  Who is attacking and destroying millions of innocent people?  Oh, other than the United States of course.  Now, speaking of these dreamers that Mrs. Frisch is attacking I have to say that she is more of a dreamer than anyone she criticisms.  Anyone who rattles of the many good things the American Military did last century without acknowledging the many horrors.  She lamented that kids today don't know the history of this country, but I think she lives in a fantasy land where the history she "knows" is a John Wayne war movie.  People all too often, myself included, deny that what they have thought they hade known for years was really just propaganda.  I find that today War Hawks are living this myth far too long.  Denying that BushCo mislead the country in the war has become an affliction that I think may someday be categorized as much as Gulf War Syndrome.

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