Friday, March 18, 2005

Brinkman Endorses Heimlich

Tom Brinkman has publicly put himself behind Phil Heimlich for the 2nd District. He announced his views in an email to friends and supporters:
There is plenty of false loyalty in this world.
I do not buy into it.
I think that is why they use the expression, "he is loyal to a fault."
Meaning a person is so loyal that he will not even see fault with the person.
You certainly did not see me defend Mike Allen.
That is why I freely criticize other Republicans as much as Democrats.
I do NOT feel a sense of loyalty to them just because they are Republicans and I am a Republican;
Or Catholics because I am Catholic, or Whites because I am White, or Ohioans because I am from Ohio, etc.
But I am loyal to those who stood with me, particularly when the chips were down and no one else would.
I support Phil Heimlich for Congressman Rob Portman's seat.
Phil was the only elected official who supported me when I first ran in 2000. He is a stand up guy and will do a great job.
Do I agree on every issue with Phil? Heck no.
I am against Capital Punishment, cameras and curfews, all of which he supports.
We have been on opposite sides of ballot issues like the Communications levy in 1999.
And I am sure there will be others.
But they all pale in comparison to the things we agree on and work for: which are too numerous to mention.
I stated it loud and clear when "No Reportee" Korte called me yesterday.
And although it is likely to be misreported, I stated.

I am 100 % behind Phil Heimlich for Congress.

To that end, I would like you to be my special guest on Tuesday evening (March 22, 2005) at the Reds Hall of Fame
where Phil Heimlich will make a special announcement. Doors open at 5:30 pm and finger food and drinks will be served.
And you can get a FREE tour of the Hall of Fame (it will stay open until 9:00).

Let me know if you can make it and please bring a friend. Thanks.
Tom Brinkman Jr.
This email was sent to me by Tom with the bold included.

This also is, well, as big of a confirmation that Phil is running for the seat that you could get, short of an actual announcement.

What I wish to speculate on is what is in this for Brinkman? Now, he will likley deny it, but I would guess there was a deal. I would guess brinkman was promised an endorsement from the GOP for Mayor if he stayed out of the Congressional race. He might be considered for County commissioner if Heimlich wins, but I see that is unlikley. I don't think the HMRP would hand him an elected office.

The GOP's other options for Mayor are Winburn or Painter. Winburn wants it; Painter appears to have faded away from running. Who else would the GOP endorse for Mayor?

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