Wednesday, July 31, 2002

2 Officers Indicted For Alleged Abduction
Jay Love on the Buzz was throwing a hissy fit on the radio today, because this indictment did not draw a press conference like the Twitty issue. Jay is either just stupid, or trying to gin up the audience. Twitty warranted a press conference because he was a senior member of the Cincinnati Police Department. 2 plain old cops don't warrant the media attention. Additionally, it was good PR to show that Streicher was whiling to hold even his top men to high standards. Attracting attention to the lowly cops who are accused of breaking the law is not a good PR move. Jay, get on the ball here. Don't play the rope a dope.

And of course the “victim” in this indecent is represented by Ken Lawson, so I assume a lawsuit against the City has been or will be filed.

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