Friday, July 26, 2002

Previous Twitty accident not in file
“We will not accept the character assassination of Lt. Col. Ron Twitty based upon improper inferences and assumptions,” the groups' statement said. “We will not rest until these issues are totally resolved, and we insist upon a fair and impartial investigation of the accident report.”

And yet they accept the regular character assassination that occurs daily on 1230 the Buzz by black activists. Mayor Charlie Luken and Chief Tom Streicher are regularly called racists and criminals by so called "civil rights activists." Those activists lack civility and have all the legal rights every citizen of the city, state and country has. I would use the pot and kettle cliché, but I would be called a racist myself. Oh the humanity! I am a liberal of all things! How does this go on? Why won't this charade cease?

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