Saturday, July 06, 2002

City on guard against terrorism
The only type of "terrorism" Cincinnati would have any real concern for is domestic terrorism. The International terrorists are going to stay in big media markets. Our media outlets would provide horrible coverage of any event in the city. The April 2001 riots media coverage was horrid. If you watched only TV you would have no clue what was going on. Radio did a slightly better job, but only 1230 The BUZZ was in the middle of riots. Race was the reason the local media did not generally go into OTR then, but it was their race and the rioters attacks on anyone appearing to be white that kept the media on the sidelines and without the biggest story in Cincinnati for a hundred years.

A threat of some fringe group trying to capitalize on the racial tensions in the city is far more a threat than Islamofascist suicide bombers blowing up the Tyler-Davidson Fountain. I would worry more about racist groups like the “Black Fist” or “Imperial Klans of America” fermenting so much hate that a fringe member(s) of those groups carry out the violence filled rhetoric of their “leaders.”

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