Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Bronson on Vacation?
On today's Midday Program on 700 WLW-AM host Mike McConnell raised a question about Peter Bronson's Column today. He was pondering the following reference.

" Sure. If “No one can legally discharge these fireworks in Ohio,” what explains the Battle of Bunker Hill in my neighborhood last night?"

Mike asked for some of Pete's neighbors to report on this alleged incident. One person called in and said they live around the corner from Pete and did not hear this "battle". Mike speculated that maybe Pete is on vacation and meant to have this column printed on Friday. The Enquirer is not known as the most error newspaper around, so it would not surprise me if this was true. I would bet that Pete has been on vacation much long than just today. I am still shocked he has not written a column on the pledge issue. This column did appear to have a phrase, "...John Hancock might inform them that all men are endowed by their Creator — that's God — with certain unalienable rights..." , with a passing reference to the current religious issues. I will be flabbergasted if Pete does not hit that issue hard and heavy. I am puzzled why he has not tackled this issue that I am sure he has a foaming at the mouth take on the subject. When he takes on that issue, I will be here to pounce on him for it. I am making the assumption he will take a particular stance on the issue, based on prior stances on religion and the government. Pete seems to have problems telling the two apart.

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