Friday, July 12, 2002

Buzz Rant
I often feel amazed at the level of out right bigotry that one hears on 1230 the Buzz, mostly from the callers. The hosts and accompanying sidekicks usually are not bigoted, but they really see race as a rally point to rile up their listeners. Today's Jay Love Show on the Buzz was a great exception. When news of Lt. Col. Ron Twitty's investigation hit the
radio, the conversation swayed from the actions of the Police and why this was being done to a conspiratorial hootenanny containing claims that maybe CPD Chief of Police Striker was about to resign and "they" wanted the second in command Twitty out of the picture as the next chief, since Twitty is black. This is a symptom of two things. One is a small radio station's
attempt to be "off the hook", different or even outlandish, just to gain ratings in a radio market dominated by Right Wing ditto heads. The second is a lack of education, often a fear the educated, and various cultural differences in the "black community." I hate using the term "black community." I use that because many callers on the Buzz use the term the "White community" which is a perceived reality, but in fact it is a myth. There is a "mainstream community", but it is not based on race. It is based on class.

If you are middle class or higher you fit into the mainstream. If you are working class (lower middle class), you are on the edge of mainstream. The poor are the "them" to the mainstream. However, this mainstream community is not close knit. It's only basic vast commonalties are the core "American beliefs." Those generally being the belief the in rule of law, democracy, justice, honor, respect for others, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of and from religion. Now again in the real reality what these beliefs really mean are subject to individuals perceptions and perspective. My justice is your crime in some cases. Your democracy is my mob rule.

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