Friday, August 23, 2002

Federated stands by NAACP
I have no comment. (Read between the lines at your own risk, and at mine too.)
SMITH AMOS: Downtown melee
She apparently did not read my comments on her column.
Boycott targets Boss, game
If Bruce caves into the boycott, I will never listen to his music again. I am surprised that the boycotter finally got off their asses and started to target non-black artists. I wonder if they are going after the Boss in hopes that Clarence Clemons can sway things for their cause. The other reason is the national attention such a boycott would pull. Bruce's tour is getting tons of PR from his record label, Columbia Records part of Sony.
In same spot three bars failed, a fourth evokes early Beatles
This bar is going to be in OTR. I am surprised OTR is getting any new businesses. I am glad this man has the courage where many suburbanites fear to go. I will try and make it a point to check the place out. It sounds like my kind of place.
State suspects West Nile virus in death of Ohio man
I am waiting for panic on this issue to start to make its way onto television. The cable news networks have their fingers on the panic button, and are dying to push it.
1230 the Buzz The Week in Review
The hypocrisy was rampant on today’s show.
Jay will challenge a white man called "Lumpy" and his generalizations about blacks, but he will not challenge the black racists who every day on the Buzz call in and make far more objectionable and invalid generalizations than "Lumpy" was making.

John seems to think that looking at a group of black men while sitting a light justifies a group of drug dealers from trying to intimidate him.

Excuses for youths rioting seems to be something Jay and Emmanuel like to perpetuate.

John can generalize about whites, and that is ok?

Double standard again, Rafael can't read between the lines, but Emmanuel can "translate" for the boycotters who call into the program.

"one of them did, now they all must think that way"
City, activists to discuss curfew complaints
This is a capitulation. There was no selective enforcement of the curfew. There was practical enforcement of the curfew. In the non-riot areas in April 2001, 99%+ of the residents adhered to the curfew. There was instead a selective disregard for the curfew in the riot areas. This issue stems from the ignorance of the extreme boycotters. They seem to be ignoring the exceptions for being out after the curfew. One was an emergency, and the other was work. They moan and cry about bars in Mt. Adams being open. They were allowed to be open. The city did not close down business; they just forced people off the streets. This will go nowhere.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

NAACP changes plans for dinner
First the gutless Urban League, now a gutless NAACP. The picture of William Kirkland, a boycott support and bigot, that accompanies this story illustrates two realities of this situation. One is that these protesters are literally now the "Clown Posse", as Peter Bronson called them. Two is the continued double standard in the media regarding black racism and bigoted acts. Wearing "black face" by a white person who is protesting would be considered a racist act. William Kirkland wears "white face" and gets his picture in the paper with no indication that what he did can be considered a racist act. I don't know which reality is more poignant, but both points are clearer than settled Cincinnati tap water.
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide The Care and Feeding of Black Teen-agers, Version 2.0
This is a really good column. Kathy can surprise the City with her opinions. She states the obvious and holds the blame were the blame should lie. I wonder how much flack she gets for this column. I also wonder how she will take the complements from those who don't support the boycott.
Reply from John Eckberg
First my Mia Culpa: I addressed John as Jack. I saw his email address and saw Jack when it was Jeckberg. I am sorry about that John, if you are reading. This will also explain why I was addressed as such in the email.

Subj: RE: 08/22/2002 Article: City melees got national air play
Date: 08/22/2002 8:33:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: jeckberg@ENQUIRER.COM

hello jack

i meant civil disobendience in the sense of violent civil disobedience as opposed to nonviolent civil disobedience. if i had to do it over again, which i don't, i'd probably use the term civil distress or civil discord or civil anythingbutdisobedience. i'm not convinced, however, that civil disobedience can only be used to describe nonviolent acts.

clearly the story laid out the violence as i was the first and probably only reporter in the whole town to actually find and interview a 15 year old. you should have read beyond the first sentence.
thanks for your comments and time.

john eckberg

Ok, first the definition of civil disobedience from "Refusal to obey civil laws in an effort to induce change in governmental policy or legislation, characterized by the use of passive resistance or other nonviolent means." The events this weekend were in no way civil disobedience. John reply is way off there. He is right that the word could be used to describe violent activities, but the word in usage is rarely used with violence. In this case why it was really wrong were the kids' motivate for breaking the laws, which was not to induce a changed in governmental policy or legislation. They were out to act tough, flex their teenage muscles, and attract attention, some of the lowest emotions humans are prone to express. Note: I did not mistype the letter above. It is as it came to me.
SMITH AMOS: Black Family Reunion
This column was not bad, but one issue stuck in my craw.
"Next year, they should add more police on horses, patrolling the streets in cars with lights going, and stationed at the transportation hubs and gathering places."
In less than 2 weeks about 500,000 thousand people will be on the riverfront. I have been there myself, including last year. After the event, on the Cincinnati side, there has to be at least 100,000 if not 200,000 thousand people who walk up Broadway or other streets into the business district. There are not cops lining the way up there. There are not many cops at transportation hubs. Why is that a crowd, half of which are under 21, can walk in huge groups and not run rampant and start attacking bus drivers? I just don't get why 100,000 people can go without rioting, but a few hundred kids can't walk a mile without breaking a few windows. Is it just me?
BRONSON: No excuses
Bronson's article seemed a bit late in coming, but it was on point.
City melees got national air play
Thanks to a new reader I played close attention to the first paragraph of this article. It irked me to such a degree that I had to send the reporter an email.

Subj: 08/22/2002 Article: City melees got national air play
Date: 08/22/2002 8:22:54 PM Eastern Standard Time


I could not get past the first sentence:
"Two consecutive nights of civil disobedience in downtown Cincinnati will make the Black Family Reunion 2002 a memorable event — but for all the wrong reasons."
How can you call this civil disobedience? Did I miss something? Was there a protest? If you said "uncivil disobedience", then you would more on target. I think you and your editor might want to rethink your terminology. I guess you would call April 2001 riots an "uprising"??? I really suggest that you remove what can only be considered bias.

Brian Griffin

I would guess the bias comment would label me a right-winger. If you don't know I am a full-blown liberal. A Henry Fonda liberal is a colorful way to put it, but I don't know how else to cut my liberalism away from the progressive-populists that are called liberals by the conservatives. I would bet this reporter received a ton of emails, so I doubt a response will come.
Midday with McConnell
The pseudo-anarchist in Mike McConnell came out today. Personal responsibility taken to the extreme is anarchism. When a society determines it is your responsibility to not be robbed, raped, or beaten, then it is an anarchistic society. If Mike wants to live in
Society where it your responsibility alone to prevent yourself from being beaten for walking down a street, I really hope he plans on moving from the Western World, because in a civil society we don't blame the victim and bring shame on the victim for not fitting into his conformist pseudo-anarchism. As a note, yes, it is a contradiction for anarchists to be conformists, but much like the neo-anarchists, who are really just progressive-populists, the pseudo-anarchist is not really what he claims to be.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Parents Cite Drugs As Root Of Downtown Disturbance
Blaming drugs? Baloney! This story has two main flaws. 1) It only quotes two parents who dodge the blame by dragging out drugs as the cause. That is a garbage claim mainly because the Police made no arrests for drugs and no reports at all indicated drugs. 2) The reporter went to Over-the-Rhine for this story. We don't know where most of these kids came from, but I would guess that those going for the buses were not from OTR. This reporter is turned a hack job, and boo to MSNBC for pushing it as the number one local story on its website.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Police: Unrest wasn't that bad
Can you stop the merry-go-round? The spinning is going to make me hurl.
Random Comments on Jay Love's 1230 the Buzz Show Today (08/20/2002)
Jay wants blacks to support black owned media. So if I say support "white owned media", how long before I am called a racist?

Jay can't make any assumptions about the teenager pictured on the front page of the 08/20/2002 Enquirer, but he can say that he expects 700 WLW hosts or callers to refer to the kids who rioted as "savages". That might be good enough for Sensible Don's insensible comments page.

Does Jay see the irresponsibility in giving a forum to black separatist groups? The more you allow racists to spew their propaganda unchallenged on the air, the more listeners who will start agreeing with their propaganda.

I am losing a lot of respect for Jay over this issue. His attitude appears to be to dismiss what happened, and infer that is was no big deal, a media hyped event done by the "white" media to try and tarnish the Black Family Reunion. The BFR has been tarnished all by itself. When a festival is held to celebrate and promote a strong black family, and it ends with the children of a large number of black families rioting, the irony can't help but be seen.
Victims Of Weekend Violence Speak Out
The article stated “the event itself was problem-free.” The event was not problem free, there were fights and kids running out of control at the Festival. I think that was a bit of biased reporting.
Final Reply from John Schlagetter
I don't think John has enjoyed our email exchange, and was not over joyous to have me publish them. He has a quasi-blog, but seems none to keen on mine. Well, I will just have to post my opinions here on his comments. It was fun while it lasted. I would guess that he thinks I am at least a bigot. I would be one of the white people he claims is in denial over the rampant racism. I will post a retort to this email tomorrow, if I have time.

Subj: RE: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/20/2002 7:15:50 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Mr. Griffin. Oppression and repression do not have to be codified to exist and occur.

I believe the caller you cite identified himself as a Black Panther (an aged one at that if memory serves me correctly). I do not recall a specific statement that caller made which merited a challenge, and I was unprepared (in re the absence of my scheduled guest) to engage in a discussion of the merits of either the Black Panthers or the New Black Panthers. I did, if you recall, cite my disagreement with Malik Shabazz's characterization of Saddam Hussein as "poor old Saddam Hussein doesn't even have a can of Raid."

When callers to my show or, when necessary, any show (I currently am out of broadcast range during the day and therefore do not call or fax in) makes an inflammatory, patently inaccurate, or biased statement, I do challenge it. One reason I like Pat Barry's show is that he typically does allow such language to go unchallenged, unlike Bill Cunningham (I cannot speak to Mike McConnell's show).

I am aware of your blog but I have no interest in participating in an Andrew Sullivan-Paul Krugman style flame war. While I recognize that email connotes no guarantee of privacy, I consider it private communication akin to letter writing and telephone conversations. Regards,

The weirdest thing he kept on doing was call me Mr. Griffin. I called him John all of the time. I hoped he got the hint that I was not trying to be super formal and he did not have to put on his politician manners, but I don't mind the formality. I felt tacky by not showing the same, but oh well.
RedHawks’ anxiety over playing the Herd is rising
This is from a Huntington, WV newspaper. It is a sports column. I think the writer has lost his mind or was drunk as a skunk when he wrote it. I am serious. This column makes no sense, has multiple factual errors and sounds like someone who is off his medication.
For downtown, a lost weekend
The one day I miss Jay Love's Show and he makes such a claim, that was reported in the above Enquirer article. I have been to Riverfest 4 out of the last 5 years, and this event had more than two times the number of people on the river at 9 PM the day before Labor Day, than the Black Family Reunion had all weekend long. There were not wide youths running around beating up bus drivers at the last years Riverfest. I was there with a friend of mine, his wife and young child. There were no problems. No one needed to take shelter in a radio station booth from a bunch of kids fighting. Jay Love seems to be misinformed. I really wished I had heard his show. I will be listening today.

Monday, August 19, 2002

Someone at the Buzz or Radio-One is Reading Me
The following referrer link to the Cincinnati Blog was logged this morning.
" satisfied Buzz listener.EML?Cmd=open&tzoffset"
I know whose email inbox this is and I hope my reply is forwarded to him as well. I could imply the email header as a knock at me, but I would be assuming the tone of it on just supposition. I think it is logical and reasonable supposition, but still nothing conclusive. I don't really mind, I just like airing all of the hands that were touching my emails.
My Reply to John Schlagetter's Reply
I was not to elegant with my words, and a raised a new issue that I had not before, but I think I got my points across. As you can read below I belatedly informed John I have been posting our email exchange to my blog. I assumed he read it, so I hope he is not displeased. He tends to be one not afraid of an open discussion, and as former candidate for council he must know his words are open season to public consumption. Here is my reply:

Subj: Re: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/19/2002 10:20:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: CincyBlog


Thanks for your reply. I am a regular listener to you and the Jay Love show. I do have a good idea of yours, Jay's, Emmanuel's, and Shawn's various opinions. The one opinion you all seem to share is that the "white man" has done harm and is doing harm to the "black man". I take great offense to your statement ".....I would be remiss in not identifying the ways in which whites, in fact, repress and oppress non-whites." If you had stated repress and oppress in the past tense, I would agree, as stated I find that to be wrong. If you are implying that non-whites are being "oppressed and repressed" currently, then I say show me examples of laws on the books that oppress or repress non-whites today. If you think non-whites are being "treated" poorly by "whites", then I say what a grossly biased generalization.

While I understand you are doing a show, I do have a problem with what you did in taking a call from a member of the New Black Panther Party. To me, that group is no different from the KKK or any neo-nazi group. If Mike McConnell from WLW took a phone call from the a local KKK member and failed to fervently challenge nearly every claim that KKK member stated, he would be lambasted by everyone for giving a platform to clear and open racists. Every media outlet would rightfully condemn him, and the outlet you appear on would surely be leading the charge. When a similar caller appears on the Buzz, and it does to almost every show everyday, there is not media outlet condemning the Buzz, outside of myself and maybe Sensible Don's website. I realize that you are not a regular daily host and don't have a position of power at the station, but do you not agree that giving a nearly open and unfettered forum to hate groups makes the Buzz at least partially complacent in fostering these hate group's agenda?

I really enjoy listening on Friday's to the "Week in Review." I think it is generally very entertaining and informative, but often everyone on the show let the extremists off the hook for their clearly racist comments they often make. I would encourage you to encourage the powers that be at the station to take care to try and not give a blank check to hate groups.

Thank you again for your reply. As a note: I have my own local blog and I have reporting on our conversation, and I often report on what happens on Jay Love's show, so you can retort my comments there if you ever have the notion to disagree with me. Have a good day.

Brian Griffin
Ohio News Network Stories
Nine Arrested Following Cincinnati Festival
Fight Breaks Out At Black Family Reunion
Both of these stories are mostly AP wire info and from the ONN affiliate WXIX FOX19
1230am The Buzz of Cincinnati
I was surprised by the Buzz's front page listing some news. One of the stores was about the occurrences at the Black Family Reunion this weekend, including a link to today's Enquirer story about yesterday's day two of the riots. This is a good step for the Buzz. They should include a regular news section on their website. I would hope it is as objective as the listing of the stories today. My only suggestion is that they create permanent pages with the news stories or create some type of archive.
More youth disturbances downtown
The Enquirer's take on day two. They finally got the quote from Cecil Thomas that WXIX had early yesterday.
Taft books six top shows for fall season
Some good news. This are some varied and different acts I have not seen visit Cincinnati since I have been here. I would like to see Jon Stewart myself.
The Cincinnati Post: 'Wilding' mars black family event
Here is the Post's take on the riot. I am not one to call this a "wilding," what ever that is claimed to be. I call it a riot.
Cincinnati festival ends with more arrests
The AP wire story from Columbus Dispatch about day two of the riot. This time it was a true "mini-riot," as this is such a quantifiable event. (Note the slow drip of a sarcasm.)
Police teargas 2,000 in 'wilding' at Ohio festival for black families
Just one of the newspapers picking up this story.
Miami University bans smoking in dorms
This is bold for Mother Miami. My junior year roommate smoked and did not smoke in the room (except a few times). I don't think this will matter much, but I wonder how it will go over on western campus. I also wonder why the hell this is not on the Enquirer or the Post. This might be a hot topic for local talk radio this week.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

John Schlagetter's Reply
I was surprised to get this so fast, but I was glad to get a response. I don't agree with the response, but I appreciate my opinion being heard. I am crafting my reply, and will be sending it later tonight or tomorrow.

Subj: RE: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/18/2002 3:08:48 PM Eastern Standard Time

Mr. Griffin: The tenor of your email presumes my positions on these issues rather than inquiring about them. Within the limited confines of a one hour radio program (closer to 40 minutes once commercials and callers are netted out), I try to cover many subjects primarily to hear from others. I present information and, when I feel it appropriate and not propogandistic, my opinion.

I take great issue with many representations of the NBPP4SD and statements made by Malik Shabazz and Endure X. It was not my intent today to debate the merits or veracity of the NBPP4SD; I wasn't going to talk about it at all except my guest didn't show. Instead, I wanted to introduce the subject and hear what callers had to say.

In regards to reparations, I'm fairly sure I talked about the difficulty in dimensionalizing not just the problem but whatever solution may exist. My conversation at the show's end with "Lock and Load" addressed just such concerns. Contextualizing the issue within the realm of additional issues you cite (suffrage, etc.) is part of the problem; however, I do not believe such analogies are reasons to not have the reparations discussion.

You don't have to tell me about the KKK: my first appearance before a Committee of Council was to discuss the Klan and I cited the FBI's characterization of it as a domestic terrorist organization.

Yes, the first purpose of talk radio is to entertain. I attempt to do so with bona fide information and considered opinion. I do not "blame the white man," but having talked to as many thousands of Cincinnatians as I have, I would be remiss in not identifying the ways in which whites, in fact, repress and oppress non-whites.

Had I time today, I was going to address the xenophobia evidenced by the NBPP4SD; my "non-responsiveness to outright racism" simply isn't so. I repeatedly (when relevant to the conversation) state that blacks can in fact be racists; however, when discussing the impact of racism, that of whites grossly outweighs that of non-whites.

Rest assured, I won't be calling you anything, and I am promoting no such thing as "revenge on the 'white man' by blacks." Such a statement lacks fails the straight face test. I assume you had tuned in to listen to Ken Anderson's show- perhaps if you listen to The Week In Review on Fridays from 1-4 and my regular Sunday Buzz from 2-3 you will develop a more holistic opinion of my views. And don't hesitate to call in with your views- 749-1230.

John Schlagetter Has Lost My Vote
His white guilt and his "blame the white man" opinions are nuts and I wrote him an email regarding his program this morning on 1230 the Buzz. I wonder if John's promotion of the racist and black separatist New Black Panther Party is done to keep him on the good side in case they ever take over the country. Oh how the ignorance and emotional rationalizations prevail. If he ever runs for office again, I will not vote for him. Here is my email:

Subj: Comments on 1230 the Buzz on 08/18/2002
Date: 08/18/2002 11:36:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: CincyBlog


I agree with you on many or even most issues, but your ambiguity on Reparations is just nuts. Should I blame myself for the oppression of the Irish because I am English, while also being Irish? Should I sue the US government for allowing the oppression of me by religion? Should women sue for being denied the right to vote and own property? What you are being ambiguous is old world sectarianism. You are allowing extremists groups to gain credence from you opinion. The New Black Panther part party is listed at as one of several hate groups in the US. These are listed right next to the KKK and skinheads. I really hope this is just a way for you to entertain your audience, and not your sincere viewpoint, but I fear not. I voted for you in the last election, but your blame the "white man" view points and your non-response to out right racism in your interaction with the New Black Panther Party is something I cannot consider to be a reasonable position for any person. I will not vote for you for any office ever again. You can call me a white person in denial all day long, but you seem to be promoting a movement for revenge on the "white man" by blacks.

Brian Griffin
Mt. Washington

Here is the AP Wire story: Tear Gas Breaks Up Cincinnati Crowd.
Battle of the Local News Outlets
Using their websites as guides, which into today's climate if you don't have a good website then you are behind the times, I will rate the local major news outlets on this story.
Enquirer: gets an A-; The were the only outlet to have their website updated last night and did it twice within an hour. The only get a negative because they did not have anything additional to report this morning and only had one picture.
FOX19: gets a B+; They had one the most telling quotes in their story that hit the web page this morning, and they even put crawl on the screen last night to warn people not to go downtown.
700WLW: gets a C+; They are the only place for live broadcasted breaking news on the half hour, which they had at midnight, but at 12:30 AM they only listed the weather and a national news update, nothing on the local news, not even who won the baseball game.
CincyPost: gets a C-; They do not publish on Sunday so not updating their website is normal, but on this kind of story I would have called someone in to the newsroom and at least used a wire story for it.
WCPO and WRKC: both get D's; They have not updated their websites at all which is par for the course for the weekend for both stations.
WDBZ the Buzz: gets an F; They went off the air after midnight last night and this morning they had live programming and they carried on as if nothing had happened. If I did this post later they may change programming one they go live from the Black Family Reunion, but at this point it is awful.
Disturbances in Downtown Cincinnati
WXIX who usually takes a soft stance on the problems surrounding the black community, really took a hard stance here. This quote from Cecil Thomas sums up the problem at its core: "My question is where are the parents? Why are these kids still roaming the streets totally out of control? It makes me sick to think here we try to have a nice event and then parents allow their children to run like this and be out here at this time of night."
Youth Violence Erupts Downtown
An update on the riot. I really have to take pause. These "youths" were at the Black Family Reunion, and the police indicated that one of the main causes was "large numbers of unsupervised youths caused the violence." Is this an illustration of current status of the Black Family? Are blacks youths not getting the supervision and direction they require from their parents, or are they to far gone to be control by their parents?
Police contain unruly youths (Riot)
Hot off the presses! I applaud the Enquirer for getting this story on the web this late and this fast. At around 12:00 AM the local Fox network station WXIX ran a crawl over its programming advising the public of "disturbances" (meaning riot) downtown and advising people to stay away from the downtown area. This is just not a shocker to me. I am not surprised that this kind of thing happened. I wonder how good the reporting on this story will be tomorrow (today). The races of the rioters were not mentioned in the article, which is not a surprise. The question is did people from the reds game and the black family reunion both involved in the riot or just from the black family reunion? Could there have been a conflict between races? I say this only because of the subtitle of the article "Crowds leaving Reds game, Reunion roam downtown" and this quote: "The Cincinnati Reds game and the Black Family Reunion festivities at Sawyer Point were letting out at about 10 p.m., when police began reporting large groups of unruly people at different points in the city." This is rather vague and it seems to be either an ass covering for not knowing if people from the game were involved, or it was an attempt to try and show that they are not assuming the presumably whites at the game were not implicated in the riot to appease the black readers.

Update: Korte has updated the story and removed my big quote above. The revised story indicates that the riot was minor and was caused mostly from people from the black family reunion. The police scanner has had reports of several instances of shots fired in different part of the city, in Over-the-Rhine and the area Northeast of the Coryville area.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Slavery Reparations Rally on C-SPAN
This was a rally for black racists, black bigots, and black separatists. If this was the KKK it would not be on TV. I sent a letter to C-SPAN about this:

Dear C-SPAN,

I really found much of the Slavery Reparations Rally to be nothing more than a forum for black racists, separatists, and bigots to spew their propaganda on national TV. There is no real outcry about this from National media or even in the right-wing media outlets. The event appears to be the same degree of racism as a KKK rally or other Neo-nazi groups might have. The only thing missing at the Reparations Rally was the overt call for violence. Some groups there however would be in favor of using violence to achieve their goals of revenge against the "white man." I wish there was a way to have equal time for racists, but I think that would do more harm than good. I would have preferred that you not air this event at all.

B. Griffin

This event has two themes: Where's my money and how can we seek revenge on the "White Man." The real question is: will the local boycotters be in DC or protesting the Black Family Reunion?
Zee at Roadsassy agrees with much of my opinion on WLW and Bill Cunningham hoax.
Sensible Don has updated his website. It had been several months since it was changed. I am glad to see it revised. I hope he keeps it updated more often.
Break-in suspect, facing arrest, stabs himself
How will the boycotters spin this one? How will they blame the white man for this? I would guess that Emmanuel Livingston a producer on 1230 the Buzz would say this man is mentally ill, which was caused by 400 years of "oppression".
Mandatory Pledge?
What purpose does this serve? I find it to be forcing schools and school children to accept the religious belief that the USA is subject to the rule of the Christian "god". I can only assume that this school board member wants a general form of theocracy. It is a violation of freedom of speech to force anyone to say the pledge. I would think that would include teachers and other school employees. This sounds like micromanaging by a politically obsessed school board member. I hope Winifred Clayton of Fairfield takes the freedoms of the students and staff of the school district she represents into consideration before taking action. Mandatory performances of required oaths and pledges is something that should not be taken lightly. We value being under oath in court or the various oaths of office, but if she thinks the forcing schools to say the pledge does not have the purpose of being both political and religious, then I think she is lying to herself.
Black group wants lawsuit dismissed
It is simple. Damon Lynch, if you want the lawsuit dismissed, you first must end the boycott. You think that is extortion???? Look in the mirror. That is what you are doing every day with your boycott, or should I say your shakedown.

Friday, August 16, 2002

It appears that Zee over at Roadsassy is either playing along with the Bill Cunningham hoax on WLW or is a sucker and bought it hook, like and sinker. My earlier post today seems to have an example of fact vs. fiction and the problem WLW has with reality and with truth.
Jay Love doesn't get it

Jay Love, afternoon talk show host on 1230 the Buzz, does not get it. On his 08/15/2002 show, he railed on a letter to the editor of the Enquirer. This letter discussed the Black Family Reunion in town this weekend, and the letter talked about how a "White" Family Reunion would be called racist. The letter writer is correct. A reunion would be called racist by many many blacks if it was called such and celebrated "White History and Culture". I really have no idea what "White History and Culture" is supposed to be. Is it European in basis? Well, parts of my family have been in this country since 1630 when they left England, and that same family only came to England in 1069 from France. I am really French? I don't want to be, but I can't fault My mega-great-grandfather Mr. de la Feld. I however am American. I really don't have any other culture to fall back on. That culture is a mixture of many elements of other cultures, but I don't view myself as needing to celebrate what I know I am. If I were to celebrate being an American, I am sure Jay would not want to attend my reunion and more than I would want to go the Black Family Reunion.

Jay is missing the point on his flawed comparison between having the Black Family Reunion and an Italian Festival or Octoberfest. He seems to equate being Italian or German to being Black. Jay wants to combine his race and his ethnicity into one item and expects others to not get a little miffed when he does it. If Jay were to have a Jamaican Festival or a South African Festival he can compare it to Italians or Germans.

The real problem with the name is what it means to most people. I think Jay views this as a Reunion of Black Families, but the name appears to compare itself to the Smith Family Reunion. The Smith Family Reunion is for Smiths. It is not about promoting being a Smith to the outside world, it is just for the Smiths of the world to get together and share their common lineage. When I hear the term "Black Family Reunion", I think of a get together for blacks together and share their common lineage. This just does not sit right with me. This Black Family Reunion is drawn not on blood relatives, but instead on race. The letter writer's point was valid and a name change would go a long way to draw in "whites".
Bill Cunningham hoax backfires
WLW should not be whining about this. You live by the crass hoax, you die by the crass hoax. Mike McConnell was all up in arms over this column by John Kiesewetter on his WLW radio program today. I think Mike and program director Darryl Parks need to rethink that which they spout off about when talking about their radio station. Mike says the Kiesewetter just "doesn't get it." What does he not get? Does he not get the inside jokes? Does he not get why your station does this kind of programming? I don't get that. I know this kind of programming goes on all the time on WLW, but unless you listen regularly, or know the hosts personally, you have little clue as to when WLW is being honest and reporting information, or when you are making stuff up. I don't mind that they make stuff up, and try to have fun. The problem is, as I have said before, they want to be both a serious radio station with news, and they want to be a sophomoric station where cheap stunts gets you a really "vanilla" audience. In this case it is intellectually simple, instead of being puritanically pure. If WLW wants to be a goof off station, fine, but don't try to be a news station as well. I can't trust anything I hear on that station as being factual. Mike even thought Monty Python's Life of Brian came out in the early 1970's. Damn, I was not born until 1972, but I could tell by the production value it came out later than that. Plus, I new where to look up that it was released in 1979. People do listen to what you say, and when you market your program on 15 minute segments, and when the average person listens for 15 minutes and can not tell that Cunningham is just "pretending", don't be shocked when one of those people act on Willie’s claims of fact. When I hear WLW hosts whine about the truthfulness of politicians or others they don't like, I will be laughing at that host, and I will be posting here their hypocrisy.
BRONSON: Defending Iraq Why the media get no respect
Bronson should look before leaps, or in this case read before he pontificates his preposterous prejudices. Bronson seems to be acting like Kathy Wilson in one respect. Both seem to like to live with dual ideologies. Kathy switches between liberal and progressive populist, while Pete goes from right-wing conservative to a conservative libertarian. Pete seems to want the press to just shut up and let Bush rule by decree, no questions asks. This is not the kind of article I would expect from a Journalist. I don't even think the hard-line conservative columnist Cal Thomas would agree with Bronson. Sure Cal would spout his usual neo-theocratic rantings, but he wants a critical press. Bronson seems to want a New York Times that is a cheerleader what ever adventure his buddy Dubya wants to go on.

If Dick Armey, Henry A. Kissinger, and Brent Scowcroft are not enough for Pete to see that his trite 1950's anti-commie attitude really even falls flat on its face in the eyes of some conservative heavyweights, then nothing will. I know Pete lives in a bubble, and he trying to force that bubble on the rest of us, but I wonder if knows how fragile it is. Don't look now Pete, you might just be the odd man out in the GOP someday. Well, that is a reach on my part. The GOP by definition can only regress, progress goes against their National Platform.

And another thing:
Bronson writes: "There's ample proof that Saddam collaborated with al-Qaida and Osama. "
Where the hell does Peter get this kind of information from? If he has the ample proof, then let his readers read it. Either Peter is talking out of his ass on this one, or he has sources in the government that would make any Washington Journalist jealous. Since Peter is only a lowly columnist in Cincinnati, and not working for Gannett at the Pentagon, I will bet on the former.
I have been marooned since Wed Night
9,000 Cincinnati Bell customers lost all telephone service Monday Night. As of this morning I still had no service. I think this has clinched that I will be getting a cable modem in the near future and maybe a cell phone too. I am happy to be back blogging, but I may not be back again until Saturday at 5 PM.

Almost 10,000 Customers Are Without Telephone Service
This is what caused my outage, and here is a story of the same from WLWT. This morning the phone company's spin was that the 9,000 were down to only 2,800 people. I was still part of the 2,800 people. The Enquirer and the Post seem to have just ignored the story, I guess they believed the 24-hour claim made yesterday, which has since gone by the wayside. I hope Cincinnati Bell makes me happy with a reduction of my bill. I want something reasonable, like a free month's service. I will be lucky if they give me 10% off on the monthly charge, not including taxes and fees of course.

Also, I will not have access to my email during this period. I feel like I am living back in 1989, oh the humanity.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

CityBeat: Editorial -- Festival Seating Return Is Past Due
I agree most strenuously with Mr. Fox. I really don't know what drives the mainstream media to make this issue more than it is. Well, I do know why they do it, they can't live without drama, without carnage, without another chance to show the archive footage of clothes strewn on the ground outside Riverfront Coliseum. Nothing can drive the local media like a tearjerker.
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide The Scarlet 'L'
I thought I could avoid it, but I am a sucker for a cliché. You go Girl!!! I have leveled Kathy with lots of criticism on her dance from progressive populism to liberalism and back again, but on this I have to applaud her means of handling Dwight Patton.

I also wish to point out that Dwight Patton is not a liberal; he is a populist of the worst kind, socially extremely conservative, and economically socialist. I will not understand how anyone could align themselves with a bigot like Patton or the BUF. I do not know why Stonewall joined forces with this group or the other similar groups in the boycott. This guy is not that far from the bigotry of the likes of Jerry Fallwell, but you don't hear the condemnation from the PP's or many Libs. I for one am sick of the bigots that seem to get free rein on 1230 the Buzz spouting hate speech toward every race but their own, and at homosexuals particularly. I hope Jay Love reads this column.
New local magazine to hit shelves Sept. 5
I can't find a website for this magazine yet. I will keep my eyes posted for a url, but I will be surprised if one appears anytime soon. I am shocked someone is starting a new magazine, about Cincinnati of all places. I hope it succeeds.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Bill would limit medical malpractice awards
Why isn't this story, or one like it, in the Enquirer?
Cincinnati School Board Votes To Put Bond Issue On November Ballot
I hope this issue passes, but I doubt this city wants to pay to improve the schools. The only thing going for it is that the rest of County does not get to vote on it.
Comair cites bodyguard's gun, lack of paperwork
This sounds like a valid reason to keep anyone off the plane. I think Comair let this story go on to long without getting this message out quicker. I may have to check the Israeli press for coverage of this explanation.
RADEL: Festival seating too risky
Can we call Cliff the Drama Queen of the Enquirer? Did he read my post on his prior column? I don't know, but he certainly seems to be in line with the Enquirer's School Mum attitude. Cliff seems to be stuck on emotions left over from 1979. He also seems to be stuck in the mindset that any "risk" is too much. I guess the thousands of festival seating deaths since 1979 have convinced him that the ban is completely justified. Oh, what do you say? There have not been thousands or even hundreds of deaths from festival seating? I can't name any other deaths from festival seating at all. I personally have survived 3 Dead shows back in 1989-1991 which all had more than 5 times the number of people in festival style seats. No one died at Live Aid in 1985. There were injuries at the various Woodstocks, but mostly due to the mosh pits. Why doesn’t cliff protest Riverbend's festival seating? I just don't get the misplaced emotionalism.
The Enquirer Sinks to a New Editorial Low
Did the editorial board hire Phil Burress? I think they just read Phil's website, CCV. The Enquirer wants to claim pornography hurts people, and they use the recent arrests of the international child porn ring. 99.9% of pornography is not child porn. Child porn is disgusting, is clearly illegal, and those doing it should be caught and beat on. Child porn is RARE!!!! It is not common. If you read the Enquirer's editorial today you would think that is the only porn people can get. If I use their "logic", I must conclude that every Catholic Priest is a child molester. That would of course be absurd. I must ask the Enquirer to tell me who is hurt by making or looking at hard-core pornography? Child porn does not count, so don't try that again, it is already illegal. Next they might drag out Ted Bundy. I really want to know where they get their support for stating: "Violence and perverse behavior linked to pornography use is documented in research." Whose research??? The CCV? I would bet there is research still out there by some religious nuts showing that masturbation will make you go blind. I also hope that the conservatives who like their porn don't blame this on "liberals" as they blame them for everything else. This is not a liberal method; this is Phil Burress and the theocratic fascists. The Enquirer is to prudish to even put their opinion pages on the web. I guess they think that will keep people buying the paper. And so it goes.

Monday, August 12, 2002

Israeli official kicked off Comair plane
I was correct about it being Comair. This is something I would like to hear a take on from Rabbi Abie Ingber on this occurrence. I miss hearing his commentaries on WVXU.
Vine Street festival sparsely attended
This event got a very different spin from The Cincinnati Post. This is one reason for having two newspapers in town.
BRONSON: A doper's view of the drug war
Is Peter Bronson dead? I don't know wrote this column, but it is not the conservative Peter Bronson. The only thing that might account for this column is that someone slipped some doobage into his cornflakes. I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read this. I don't know if I will ever take anything Pete writes seriously again. I know this is a libertarian issue, but if Pete would take the libertarian view on religion, he might not be such a right-winger wanker.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

WLWT has found the Priestly Story on the Web!!!
Yea! They have Internet access; to bad I scooped them!!! I am faster to watch CNN and hit the AP wire.
Jason Priestley seriously injured in crash
Breaking News, I see nothing on local news coverage of this, even though they cover the Kentucky Speedway quite heavily. WLWT is missing the boat, they are on live this morning, but are not providing any remotely large coverage. If CNN is reporting it as breaking news, you would think local news, where the story is really local, would be on the story.
Report: Pilot refuses to fly Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister from Cincinnati
I would guess that the "Delta Air Lines subsidiary" is Comair. This sounds like either a foolish pilot, anti-semitic, or just over cautious.
BRONSON: Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?'
Peter, if you wanted to "let it go", then why did you bring it up again?

Saturday, August 10, 2002

Tenants have new lawyer, want to cancel agreement to move
The race baiters have moved on to the next target. On the Buzz this issue has already taken a racial tact, which for Buzz callers is the rule, not the exception.
Fla. dog lost in '96 found here
Is Mike Allen going to prosecute the dog-nappers?
Fake attack tests local rescuers
This kind of attack would never happen from foreign sources, but domestic sources are possible.

Friday, August 09, 2002

CityBeat: Letters (2002-08-08)
A typical letter from one who finds blame, but can't seem to find the specifics as to what the problems are.

The Truth Is out There
I would like to respond to Mark Wagner's comments in last week's letters section Blacks Part of the Problem issue of Aug. 1-7). How dare he blame the black community for the problems in Cincinnati? Does he know who he really should blame for the racial problems in Cincinnati? Here's the real truth.

First of all, go down to City Hall and confront your arrogant mayor, your clueless city manager and your airheaded city council members, who wouldn't even know how to run a marathon let alone a city. Then, go to District One headquarters, the most corrupt and evil organization in this one-horse town, and confront Police Chief Tom Streicher.

Why doesn't Wagner and people with his thinking accept the fact that Cincinnati, Ohio USA is an overly and ridiculously conservative, racist city? Cincinnati doesn't believe in change, progress or justice for all. That's why there is a boycott in this city.

Now, before Wagner points his finger at the black community, he should take a good damn look around and see the racism and injustice in this God-forsaken city. That's the real truth!

And if you can't handle the truth, my advice is don't mess with it.

-- Fredrick Malone

Freddie needs to get a clue. Show me the racism. Write it down and publish the incidents. I will then ask you to listen to 1230 the Buzz on a given weekday, and then write down the regular callers who spout the vilest racist dogma I have ever heard. They at times eclipse the worst KKK idiot. They are allowed to do this everyday, and some of them are even guest on the weekends or one even has his own radio show. The hosts on the weekday shows emote veiled shock at their comments, while giggling at the controversy it gins up. You can't compare anything that you hear on WLW to the racism and constant bigotry that WDBZ has on its airwaves on a regular basis.
CityBeat: Learning How to Struggle (2002-08-08)
Ok, am I living in Cincinnati, or I am living in some kind of neo-Russian Transitional Soviet Republic circa 1917? How can this reporter write this stuff with a straight face? Charging at windmills can be a noble endeavor, but when your alternative is nothing but either a totalitarian state or a neo-anarchistic collective of contradictorial Zapatistaism, you really don't have much credibility with anyone with more than a degree in "International Movements." Me and my degree in Finance from Mother Miami find this to be laughable. I even lived on Western Campus for a year, but these kids are just beyond the fringe. City Beat is beyond being liberal. I am a liberal. City Beat is Progressive Populist. I wish all of the conservatives could tell the difference, but like these Progpops, they paint with a wide brush.
CityBeat: Watching the Detectives (2002-08-08)

Another advocacy Column posing as a news article from City Beat. I voiced my opinion in the letter to Greg Flannery the writer below:


If Copwatch is so great and is so needed, then why has it taken them a year to produce one video, which they have not yet released? If the Police are just the racists they are made out to be, then why have they not produced dozens of video incidents? If they have not been able to obtain video of these incidents, then why not have a log of them on there website for the whole world to read. They could update it daily with new reports of police wrongdoing. I don't see that happening. I have visited their website several times and I have not seen it updated yet.

"Police brutality is going on and is being ignored," he says.

The he above is Islord Allah mention in your article. I have to ask, where's the beef? If they are documenting these incidents, why are they not posting each one on their website? If they want people to know what is going on, they have to tell them, and provide at least some basic facts. Generalities "reported" by biased "activists" are not going to win any support from the mainstream resident. I wish your "news" article would have had a few objective observations in it, instead of a PR piece for the group it appears you support.

Brian Griffin
CityBeat: Porkopolis (2002-08-08)
Flannery is beating on the City of Cincinnati for losing new development to Newport. I have to wonder how he thinks the boycott is helping Cincinnati attract new development? That would be the same boycott his newspaper promotes in every issue, he promotes in nearly every column he writes.
Browns ban plastic bottles of beer
This has nothing to do with Cincinnati; I just like rubbing it in the eye of the mistake by the lake. Flounder is crying in his milkshake over this I am sure. (Inside joke)
L&N Bridge fire was arson; paint hurt, but structure OK
I missed this story, I don't know if was even published before today. I would assume that the arson would somehow related to the people doing the construction work on the bridge. I wonder if they are looking into any nut cases who may have had a more political motive for setting the fire.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Workers take Xerox to court for 'blacks in a noose' discrimination
More international media coverage, this time not good coverage. Cincinnati will not take full blame for this lawsuit, but indirectly it will be damaged.
Festival seating defended
If the experts ok it, then why should anyone else be shaking in the their shoes? The amount of hand wringing on some message boards I just wonder how many wild animalistic kids these people think are really going to buy up the $75 dollar floor seats to see the Boss. I can see where paranoid might grip parents if this were a Limp Biscuit concert, but the Boss is not going to get the moshing type crowd.
RADEL: Festival seating
I think Cliff has a streak of house-mom in him. "By requesting festival seating, Bruce Springsteen is trading his fans' safety for some cheap thrills." Is he kidding? How much can one man overstate the risk? Festival seating is not a safety issue, as long as crowd control is properly in place. I had hoped that the brain-dead 19th century stubborn and ignorant mindset had vanished, but not at the Enquirer. Next they are going to tell me that if I smoke a joint I will go insane. Oh the humanity.
Zee at Roadsassy seems a bit put off by the latest Xerox allegations. I see where Zee might be skeptical about the allegations, but I would be surprised that the WSJ would offer up this story without vetting it to the conservative bloodhounds.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

EEOC finds racial discrimination at Xerox's Cincinnati office
This shit is going to hit the fan from this report. I wonder how the right wing will treat this report coming from a GOP lead EEOC and the right leaning Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

BBC: Mini-Me to lead 'chicken dance'
It even made the BBC. We finally get some semi-good international news coverage. This story got the crowd size correct. I don’t know what the other UK site was thinking when it wrote that story.
Account contradicts Twitty
This sounds like a really big nail in Twitty's Coffin. His career appears to be on the way out, unless the race baiters have their way. If he gets off, then it will be because enough blacks screaming racism will cause it. This is really a messy situation. I just wish his support was not so much a race thing. That is a race thing for a large number of blacks in the community. They are only supporting him because he is black. It he was white, the black community would be happy to see him get fired and go to jail. Hypocrisy is the word that I can't get away from. This time there is little of it on the police's side, it all rests with the black activist crowd.
Mini-Me to lead world's largest chicken dance
WOW! International press for Oktoberfest. There is one big error in this report, when the writer states Verne will lead 500,000 in the chicken dance. There are 500,000 that visited the event over the two day period, not all at once.

Monday, August 05, 2002

Federal judge approves settlement for Cincinnati blacks claiming harassment
I hope this is a good step to help quell the boycott, but there will be a core of boycotters who will not stop until every white person is run out of town.
BRONSON: Critters worse than acid rain
When Peter gets skin cancer, I hope no one laughs at him.
'Mini-Me' will lead Oktoberfest chicken dance
I hope no one mistakes him for a couple of pickled pig's feet.

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Anti-pornography group targets Cincinnati hotels
Two issues on this story. One, this did not target hotels in Cincinnati. It targeted hotels in a suburb north of the 275 loop. Two, the story still did not talk about the legality of recording the adult films in the hotel room. I still question if that is legal.
Bruce Springsteen tour dates
The Boss is coming to Cincinnati in November. Will the boycotters strike again? Stay tuned right here for the latest. Same bat time, same bat channel.
BRONSON: Racial paranoia
A little be over dramatic, and he had to bash liberals, but other than that he makes a few good points.

Saturday, August 03, 2002

Chat room conversation leads to man's pandering charges
This guy must not be following the news.
CAN won't take lead in boycott of city
I am disappointed they are not taking a better stance, but I can understand their problem of credibility. The hotheaded boycotters would scream if CAN took sides. The boycotters don't trust the "white man" so it takes a lot of tip-toeing to gain a speck of trust with the bigoted boycotters.
Federal prosecutors charge Spellman
I don't know what he was doing in Cincinnati. I hope he was just changing planes at the airport. He sounds like he has lost his marbles.
Exception to notification rule
This is a big ruling for this area. Conservative Cincinnati has turned one small new leaf.

Friday, August 02, 2002

Marriott discontinues pay-TV porn
The fascism has moved north. I also think the person who videotaped the movies in the hotel room may have broken the law. Where is the justice?
Reds' Bowden Fined for Remark
It was for talking about union negotiations, not for pissing off a few sensitive 9/11 family members, no matter how they spin it.
Views on Homosexuality in the "Black Community"
From my observations locally, and in national cultural elements, I think the "black community" has more hostility towards homosexuals than the mainstream community. Locals examples can be seen with 1230 the Buzz's Emanuel Livingston's bigoted comments against homosexuals, as well as whites. Jay Love and Shawn Darks are prejudice against homosexuals, not as bad, but close. I can only guess that this trend that is out there rests on the high level of fundamentalist or strict religious belief in the "black community" than in the mainstream community. It is an odd trend that I can't explain any other way. The odd marriage of Stonewall Cincinnati and the boycott movement is a good example. The background disgust in this marriage is heavy on the religious side of the boycotters. I guess they don't mind holding their noses.
Change at the Buzz
Gene Galvin appears to be gone. No word on why.
BRONSON: Dog days
Bronson is once again drudging up Clinton to yet again bash him. This is just a childish attack. It is not funny. Bronson should be ashamed of himself. In a week where Congress is discussing war with Iraq, Pete is off feeding his need to destroy Bill and Al. Pete really seems to have gotten to much sun while on vacation. Speaking of vacations, how would the GOP have beat on Clinton if he took a month long vacation during the Kosovo War? Bush is off to the Ranch for a month, while the troops are sweating it out in Afghanistan. Where is the leadership of a President who stays on the job? He may not need to stay in the White House to run the country, but it would not hurt his image if he stayed.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

CityBeat: Letters (2002-06-20)
I did not know this, but they printed my letter a while back!

Don't Mislead Readers
I think you need to re-examine what you call a news story and what you call a column or op/ed piece. The "news" story Nightmare on Vine Street by Jonathan Diskin and Thomas Dutton (issue of June 6-12) is clearly not a news story, but opinion from top to bottom.

I suggest you not confuse your readers or try to mislead them.

-- Brian Griffin, Mount Washington
CityBeat: Letters (2002-08-01)
This letter below is an example of what I think is a common attitude in liberal Cincinnati. However, the mainstream liberal no longer has a voice in this town, if it ever did.

Blacks Part of the Problem
The boycott organizers are killing our city. I've sat and thought on how to go about saying it and to whom, and it just comes down to that plain and simple truth.

I'm a college graduate and current graduate student; I believe in urban renewal and have lived in large cities that have learned how to live together. It's sad to see that this city with all its possible potential is in serious jeopardy of crumbling further.

I do realize that the history of this movement goes back to before Timothy Thomas' shooting and involves more than that incident. But my biggest concern with the boycotters' apparent position is that the city's problems are one of race -- at least that's the picture they've painted. The Black United Front (BUF) cries out from the oppression of the city's government and police force. The finger is always being pointed at others -- on both sides of the fence. That, to me, is the city's real current problem.

The BUF and other similar supporters cry foul at the other side while conveniently ignoring its own faults within its own communities or even go on to say that those very faults are a direct result from others' actions. It's a circular argument with no accountability -- there's a novel idea in today's society as a whole.

The people being "harassed" by law enforcement more often than not have every right to be under scrutiny. For every person wrongfully stopped or accosted by the police, there are at least 100 who go by unchecked. Is it fair to that one person who is honestly innocent? No. Is it unfortunate? Yes.

There is no "perfect" system anywhere. Should we strive to be better? Absolutely, but not at the sacrifice that's currently happening.

As an illustration of the fact that the members of the black community are part of the problem, I'd like to add some of my own experiences. Being a runner and living in the Clifton area, sometimes I like to run downtown in parts of Over-the-Rhine and Eden Park and areas like Mount Auburn and Walnut Hills. I get verbally accosted nearly every time, and a few times people have attempted to intimidate me through actions or vehicles.

My point is that many from the black community are as much a part of the problem, yet the media and organizers on both sides won't admit to it or bring it up. It needs to be recognized instead of this hypersensitive stranglehold that's currently happening in our city.

-- Mark Wagner, Clifton
CityBeat: Your Negro Tour Guide (2002-08-01)
I don't know what to say about this column. It is not good and it is not bad. It is rather all over the road saying little if anything. Kathy also seems to just be repeating last week column about Twitty. She is saying almost the same thing, just with different emphasis.
Al-Qaida linked to Web here
Well, here as in Dayton. Right in our own backyard. The website now has been changed and is being run by some Americans.