Sunday, January 29, 2006

Smoke Filled GOP

This kind of thing goes on in both parties, but this year we get the smoke filled room right out in the open. This kind of back room dealing is a sharp double edged sword. On one side this could avoid a blood primary fight, which would help the GOP in the general election. On the other side this is what is wrong with the two party system and what makes it so very undemocratic. Why bother holding a primary at all? If the rank and file GOP voter can't have a voice in who their candidate will be in November, then how can the Ohio GOP be considered a democratic organization?

On the Dems side I will say now that while I think it is foolish for someone like Eric Fingerhut to challenge Ted Strickland, I in no way wish him to get out of the primary. The candidates fighting it out I believe is a sign of a healthy democracy.

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