Sunday, January 15, 2006

Murder in Hyde Park

My first thoughts on seeing the "BREAKING NEWS" on the 11PM news showing on the TV screen at the Main Street bar I was at was slight shock. I have been to that bar, and parked in that parking lot. A friend standing next to me lamented a bit about it, because she lives a mile down the road.

After reading the articles this morning I can say that it has the same ear marks of most of the rest of murders in the city, which leads me to speculate that it was simply a drug deal gone bad. If not drugs, then it was a personal beef with a family member or friend. This is horrible for the man's family, but it goes to show that this can happen anywhere. This section from the story bothered me and I hope indicates an aberration, not a commonality.
Crime scene tape in Hyde Park doesn't happen everyday, making resident Megan Elkus quite uncomfortable.

"It just scares me, and I would like to find someplace else to live," said Elkus.

"I keep hearing different things that don't make me feel safe," said Elkus.
For the chicken littles, like Ms. Elkus, I really must just laugh at their extreme timidity. I can understand being freaked out a little, but to feel unsafe in Hyde Park is just not a rational or sane feeling to have. Hyde Park is likely safer than living in Mason or West Chester. At worst it is just as safe.

What I find most objectionable in the whole situation is that some people inside the bar were allegedly being uncooperative with the police, which is the main reason I am speculating it was drug related. A theory could be that the guy was out buying drugs for his friends and things went south. If people were just pissed that they could not leave until the police were finished investigating, then they are just arrogant assholes who deserved to be kept there all night. Will Peter Bronson write a column about the idiots in Hyde Park (logic indicates would be white) who could help solve the case, but were uncooperative?

More from the Enquirer.

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