Saturday, January 14, 2006

Anti-School School Board Members

There is just no other way to say it, but these two new school board members are anti-school. They don't want people to learn, they want people to comply with their views on how to live. One is an anti-government anti-union extremist bent on destroying the public schools, while the other is a Christian extremist (ergo theocrat), bent on the destroying the public schools.

Now, sure, the conservatives are going to moan and cry that they do the same. Well, no, they don't. Being prevented from branding the school with ones religious dogma or having to pay taxes and fund schools to keep society growing is not a hardship and nothing hurting you. Religion is not banned from School, for example, and claims otherwise are myths. If your kid can't bring their bible to their school, then protest, I will join it. If you want your kid, or worse, use your kid to push religion on other kids, which includes doing religious presentations, then no, don't protest and either put your kid a religious school, or stop pushing religion on others.

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