Saturday, January 28, 2006

Current TV

Is anyone watching Current TV? Here in town you have to have digital cable, which as a former TV junkie I of course have. It is an interesting concept for television, but when this outlet was first launched it was billed as a news channel. I just watched a piece about a super metro-sexual man learning how to wrestle professionally. After that they aired an old piece about the Israeli pullout of Gaza. Then I saw cartoon about “Godapaloza,” which was quite funny, except that they said Darwin put on the same stage with other “gods” and billed as the “god of atheists,” but their point was otherwise fine and I won’t quibble too much over the details.

What is this channel? I know they are going after the young audience who allegedly hate news, but this is news for an MTV attention span, which is not limited to the young. The stations is made up most of reports that are like mini-documentaries without timeliness or any direct information. It tends to be a hodgepodge of first person views and some stated "facts," which these individuals state but lack the credibility of experience for one to trust they are telling all of the "facts." If you use nothing but freelancers, amateurs, or outside affiliates you lack the brand name of trust and respectability that comes with the established news outlets where established reporters and anchors create a sense of brand and image to which the viewer can relate. This is clearly a new concept that is interesting, but it not information, it is hip infotainment with an unclear yet present point of view.

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