Friday, May 19, 2006

The Last Temptation of Da Vinci

It is a movie. It is a fictional story, not a religious edict. The more attention it is given, the more people will see it. Some critics don't think its a very good movie anyway.

UPDATE: We have local idiots protesting! Seeing a couple fools carrying picket signs always makes for good TV. Watch for the satellite trucks!

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  1. HHHHeeeelllloooo
    I've ad 12 years of catholic ed.
    Many stories I have been told were about as relieble as the Da vinci code. The book was great and the movie is to.
    People need to search for truth and not always believe what priest rabbis preachers and on and on tell us. Every man and woman must find there own way to GOD
    jim fisch


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