Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mean Jean: Don't Show Me Being a Puppet!!

Mean Jean Schmidt is writing letters to Dr. Victoria Wulsin claiming that rules covering sitting members of Congress somehow apply to non-members of Congress.

In the letter referenced on Atrios, Schmidt states that "use of footage from official proceedings of the House of Representatives is forbidden in political ads."

She then goes on to say " is a dangerous thing when political figures decide for themselves which rules and laws they will honor."

Mean Jean needs to learn the difference between a House Rule and a law. There's a slight (and by that I mean MOTHERF-ing HUGE) difference. I would have thought that a year in office might teach her that. I guess not.

She begs the question however: What about President Bush? Why didn't Mean Jean Schmidt write a letter to President Bush when he decided for himself that the U. S. Constitution does not apply to him? Schmidt is contemptible and is showing her ignorance. The Post is right!

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  1. Football fans, Jean Schmidt should be penalized 15 years for un-Portmanlike conduct. Un-Portmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to:

    Calling Murtha a coward (Portman did not resort to name calling)

    Lying on your resume since 1989


    Claiming false endorsements

    Spreading lies about your opponents

    Ducking debates

    Being all talk and no action with the styrene leak

    Coordinating a smear campaign against your opponent with the Enquirer

    Advocating doing business with Fidel Castro, then taking money from anti-Castro interests

    Discussing your newlywed daughter’s sex life in a public forum

    Just to name a few things....


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