Sunday, October 29, 2006

Enquirer Endorses Cranley

This to me is somewhat of a shocker. Logic and Conventional Wisdom stated that the Enquirer would have endorsed Chabot, but this year the Enquirer is all over the map on the national offices. They will pick some Democrats in local races, especially in the City, but not for people going to Washington.

In comparison to the 2nd district, Chabot has much more experience and has far less baggage than Mean Jean Schmidt. Jean however got the nod for office, but not Chabot. This contradiction is strong evidence that these picks are made with social, political, and personal overtones, not based on the qualifications or performance on the job of the candidate. Yea, the Enquirer claims they pick each race individually, sure, but they have agenda items in play other than the fitness for office or policies of the candidate.

This endorsement is going to make a difference in the 1st district. The West Siders not happy with Bush, the War, or being left behind in the Bush Economy will use this as another reason to believe Cranley passes the West Side Litmus test for political office.

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