Friday, September 14, 2007

Textbook Red Herring

It hasn't been more clear in a while how much the Right Wing does not care about Iraq Policy. Instead of discussing the lack of long term policy of the Bush Administration, the Republicans are worrying about a newspaper ad that very few people read.

The attack plan is to divert attention from the self made statement from Bush that he is punting the fate of Iraq to the next President and divert attention from the fact that Bush has no new policy and is just staying the course. Finally, the plan is to divert attention from the fact that Iraq has no effective army or police force and a government that has no control. Those facts are something the Peter Bronson just don't care about. They worry about Hollywood.

I guess Peter Bronson is not voting for Mr. Hollywood himself, Fred Thompson.

What Peter Bronson should know is that the term "Jump the Shark" did indeed "Jump the Shark" about 3 years ago.

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