Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Klan Hates Almost Everyone

I think the only subgroup of humans the Klan does not really hate are white people in the Klan. Now, local racist extraordinaire Nate seems to think every white person is a racist, and for some reason Nate must not be to big on geography. The City of Hamilton is about 25 miles from Downtown Cincinnati, so why is Nate pulling Charlie Luken into this? Oh, right, Nate attacks all white people who are not laden with 1,000 pounds of white guilt and who don't think he is wonderful person. Nate also attacks people who help put him into jail for breaking the law, thus part of his attack on Chaz.

It really is a problem for the Klan to be openly out in Hamilton. It should be a concern for all, especially Latinos, who are the main target of the latest hate filled rant from the kings of all things racist. The Klan is horrible group of nutsacks. They do however have the same right to push their hate, as Nate or the Black Fist have to push their hate.

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