Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Council Money Reports Are Out

The money makes it for some campaigns and the big money story has to be Nick Spencer. When Nick gets more contributions than Jim Tarbell, Damon Lynch, Eve Bolton, and John Eby, than he is much better positioned to have a shot for office. This showing and his mention in the Korte article should get him a little boost in the money race.

If was funny reading how the rich fundamentalists are out giving money to Sam Malone:
Much of the increase can be attributed to the power of incumbency. But his campaign finance report shows that his conservative Republican base has not abandoned him over allegations that he whipped his 14-year-old son with a belt. Malone called the incident an act of "parental intervention."

In fact, all but $5,550 of Malone's contributions came after his May 14 arrest. Reds owner Carl Lindner and his family gave $5,000, with JTM Food Group President Anthony A. Maas and other JTM employees kicking in another $5,000.

"I think when you look at all the crime on the street and all the young men wearing their clothes down to their knees, people see a father who is trying to rear his child and be responsible," said GOP mayoral candidate Charlie Winburn, who contributed $1,000 to the Malone campaign. "I think all the media he's gotten has been good. It's helped his name recognition."
Nice to see that 11 people make up almost half of his contributions and likely all but one of those 11 will actually be able to vote for him. It would interesting if those contributions came before or after the report about the 2002 beating allegation made against Malone by his son.

Nick's blog has the full listing of contributions:
Jeff Berding $150,740.00
John Cranley $135,297.00
Chris Monzel $94,234.00
David Crowley $92,419.00
Chris Bortz $83,050.00
Leslie Ghiz $75,663.00
Chris Smitherman $33,363.00
Sam Malone $23,805.00
Laketa Cole $21,155.56
Nick Spencer $15,414.00
Damon Lynch $9,914.00
Samantha Herd $8,420.00
Jim Tarbell $7,750.00
John Eby $7,375.00
Paul McGhee $5,500.00
Eve Bolton $4,145.00
Robert Wilking $4,000.00
Gerry Kraus $1,300.00
Wendell Young $1,548.20
Andrew Warner $1,005.35
Robert Wilson $955.00
Curtis Wells $763.34
Bill Barron $258.51
Cecil Thomas $250.00
Who is looking better than expected along with Nick Spencer? I would give that to Chris Monzel, but in his case he will need every penny he can to get back on council. Cecil Thomas looks like he is not doing much to get elected. Smitherman's numbers are also not what they appear. I wonder how much of the 33K is from himself. Of the top nine listed Malone, Monzel, and Bortz are those who need more than money to get on council. At this point I see 14 possible contenders, the top 13 listed and Eve Bolton. The money race is off and it will matter. It will not get people out to vote, that takes handshakes and a well crafted message.

UPDATE: More from the Post.

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