Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor Resigns

It is not a total shock, rumors that she wanted to quit have been out there for years, but no one expected she would quit now, with Rehnquist's health so bad and rumors of him quitting so numerous.

This opens up a can of rotten stinking worms that Justice O'Connor had been keeping the seal on. We are about to embark on what will be a horrible period of discourse in American politics. In the media, and if things turn ugly, in the streets, the rhetoric and nasty protests will reach new heights of vitriol.

People are going to go Brown Betty nutcakes over this and I for one really don't like debating abortion much. I am sure this post will attract some insane right-wing wackos who will be on the war path. I just hope it does not boil over. The hate, venom, and lost friendships that occurred for many over the 2004 election might just build into a down home blood feud.

This is the test though for Bush. If you want to see the real man, the person he picks will tell you who he is. If he picks another Scalia, then you can confirm is the theocrat he has hinted at being. If he picks another O'Connor, then I may actually start believing in Zeus or maybe Aphrodite.

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