Friday, July 08, 2005

Debate: Hackett Vs. Schmidt

Well, how was the debate? Who did well, who did not, how many voters are actually paying attention?


  1. The Smoke Eater

    The First Debate

    You needed a ticket to get in to the old gym. A gray haired woman from Chatfield gave me a ticket reserved for someone that may need it. I took it from her happy. I found a seat in the second row, taking notes on the first debate, for the 2nd Congressional District seat.

    The crowd assembled was all white except for an African American woman. I was hoping for more or a greater mix of people but it’s Brown County and not many minorities live there.

    The debate night was the night of the London bombings and so the first question had to do with the bombings.

    Hackett stated that Al Quaida is not on its last legs as the president’s administration is telling us. He was hard on an administration that in his words ‘doesn’t reflect reality.’ He should know he’s been there. I don’t think anyone in the house of congress will truly know more about the subject matter then Paul Hackett. Jean stated that she had a nephew thinking about joining the service. Hackett one.

    On boarder patrols it was a draw. They were both against illegal immigration. But on the subject of promoting democracy to defeat terrorism it was Hackett that spoke up first. Hackett spoke about speaking softly and carrying a big stick. He then explained how Bush is sticking it to us “in our core values” of freedom. He told us how we (as Americans) do not ever remove freedom! “Leadership must walk the walk.” To war it upon others through military force doesn’t agree with our founding fathers.

    Schmidt wants to plant seeds around the world. “A seed of weeds,” is what I thought. Ivy weeds, because that is what we are getting, strangled. At least it feels that way to me. She told us also that the election in Iran was a sham -- first time I heard that. I would haved like to ask Jean, “Why isn’t our government telling us this?” Is this her first blunder-us lie on the campaign trail or is it the one that doesn’t report lobbyist and their donated money? Ah-oh! Look what the Boomer just threw out to me… not reporting gifts from lobbyist. Jean Schmidt is in trouble.

    On the economy, Paul Hackett asked us if we’re better today then we were five years ago. Well are we? Jean Schmidt didn’t answer that one, but she said she would like to start drilling in the Virgin Alaskan wilderness and then mix it with soybeans grown on corporate farms or mega-farms in Brown County will bring the stink of ethanol.

    I don’t think the drilling idea in Alaskan Virgin environments posed well for Paul Hackett. He drives a hybrid that gets fifty miles to the gallon. Oil reduction through wise choices he believes is the key to our energy problems. Less pollution and greater efficiency,,, I agree.

    We have the technology let’s use it. He wants us to keep our families on the farms and not make migrant workers out of the them. that currently own the farms.

    Social security brought no changes from Jean, and that surprised me, but in all reality, I believe, that she would rubber stamp anything that anyone that wants to change it gives her. Paul mentioned, raising the income level from when your social security is drawn from. The measure that you give will to others should always be for the better.

    I would have liked to hear more on the abortion issue because abortion is never good, but sometimes, like in the life of a Mother, it’s necessary. And decisions of any daughter should always involve a parent (Something Deters doesn't seem to comprehend). This is one way to help make it a rarity. Jean is so pro-life that you would believe she was for cloning a full-human. She supports the war in Iraq 100% and Paul is very Pro-Choice and is not 100% for the war in Iraq. You go figure it out.

    I must say that it was a great debate in an unconditioned gym in Brown County. The cool residents out in Brown County treated me well Hope to see you at the next debate. That’s if I get a ticket. A man that is honest with us about our mission in Iraq walked away there a winner... truly… and he says that he loves his freedom in America… Paul Hackett did well.

    Writing to what was seen, truth!

  2. You say that when the "mother's life is in danger," that abortion is justified.

    Can you name a single medical circumstance where a fetus MUST be aborted to save the life of the mother?

    I cannot think of one, with the exceedingly rare circumstance of a tubal pregnancy where there is zero change that the baby could possibly survive anyway. In that case, one could hardly consider it an abortion since the baby is going to die anyway.

    So other than that, tell me when it is ever medically necessary to abort a fetus. I'll be waiting.

  3. Dude, are you an ignorant cuss and a anti-abortion nut playing studpid games with the Dewine names, or are you just an asshole?

  4. Dear DeWine,
    I'm 16 years old.
    See, Mr. DeWine, I believe your asking for reasons into abortion is completely contradictory--you named one reason that it should be tolerated. for answering your own question...
    Good luck in representing the future--we're not dummies. Oh, and one more thing, tell that son of yours that we don't like spoiled brats, either. I suggest that you read "Profiles in Courage" by JFK...its our summer reading requirement.

  5. RE: to Mike Dewine

    Hello, Senator. My name is Melinda Bellaby, and I'm a doctor working at Cincinnati's Children's Hospital. I'm interested if you understand how many boys and girls are raped every day in the Queen City? How many young lives are virtually ruined or lost, and how many broken souls I deal with on a daily basis? Well, I guess I failed to mention that I specialize in rape victims at work. The pyschological, emotional, and physical damage alone is enough to justify the abortion option that so many young females choose to turn to, many of them nine and ten years old these days. It's aweful, it really is, not to mention the flow of blood that constantly oozes its way from the young victims over the course of 24 hours within the incident. Well, if thats not enough, I happen to know that the suicide rate of victims of rape is nearly five times greater than that with normal teens.
    If we limit choice now, we've failed. We've failed to supply the greatest freedom to those whom so desperately need it. As a victim of rape myself, I chose to help those like me, and to attempt to make a better world---isn't that the same reason you entered your field?
    It was nice responding to a senator, and hopefully my response will peak your interest. Please, please, please understand: abortion is only as wrong as those who believe rape is right.
    Thank you,
    Dr. Melinda Bellaby

  6. What da ya'll think of gay rights?
    Here's somethin:

    Okay, i'm a male. Last night, I was used over and over again by my boyfriend--he's 351 lbs. and works as a bus driver for the Glen Este district. WHO CARES??
    I mean he's tired, lazy half the time. Ain't our fault we love each other.

  7. Okay, that was a little 'revealing'. Thanks pulp.

  8. Well, Senator DeWine, when I'm president, let's just say YOU WON'T COUNT.

    Ha...HILLARY '08 boys! Start Counting!!


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