Thursday, July 28, 2005

COAST Opposes Schmidt

In a press release today we get this treat:
The Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes announced today that it is launching a radio campaign urging Republicans, conservatives and advocates of limited government to stay at home on Tuesday and cautioning voters not to vote for Republican Jean Schmidt. COAST charged that Schmidt has been posing in the campaign as an advocate of limited government and lower taxes, when the truth is the exact opposite. The script for the radio spot is attached.

"During her tenure in the Ohio legislature, Jean Schmidt voted in favor of every single one of Bob Taft'?s tax increases, and for good measure, proposed more of her own,"? said COAST Chairman Jim Urling. "?In her recent literature she says that she supports '?limited government and lower taxes.' Indeed, her voting record decidedly shows her beliefs are in bigger government and in higher taxes. She simply is a big-government advocate. Any statement by her to the contrary is a lie."

"?COAST encourages its members and all those believing in limited government and lower taxes to stay home on Tuesday, election day," implored Urling. "?Another primary and general election will be held in 2006 and we will elect a good representative at that time. Please do not cast a vote for Jean Schmidt Â? it will be wasted."
That has to smart a bit. They are buying radio ads with the same message. They don't like Hackett, ok, but the enemy of my enemy....

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